Paul Cooke (born December 18, 1961) was the husband of Denise, and the father of Meghann, Gabriella and Erin. He would work long sociable hours as a fireman and would always come home to a stressed out Denise.

During the revisit, he mentioned the home was a lot calmer when he came from work.

He was 44 years old in 2005 and he is 56 in 2017.

According to Denise's Facebook, it's revealed that Denise left Paul and is in a new relationship. He also lost custody of the girls.

Quotes Edit

"Meghann, Reflection Room please. In you go. Meghann? Right. You're coming down on the board too!"

"Meghann, pajamas! Now!"

"Hey just broke your own computer, so don't worry about it."

Links Edit

Albury fire: Homeowner 'felt sick' as she saw smoke while on dog walk two miles away - Herts & Essex Observer, 1/6/2016. This names Paul as the Stortsford fire station watch commander. You can find other local articles featuring Paul commenting on a fire if you do a search for his name on this website.

Stortford Fire's Twitter - Lists Paul as watch commander. Last updated in 2014.

Gallery Edit

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