Paul Cantoni (born October 29, 1974) is the dad of Nicholas, Gabrielle and Giana and the ex-husband of Nina.

He was a pushover when it came to his 3-year old, Gabby, as he would be at her every beck and call. Whenever Nina tried setting limits or rules down for Gabrielle, Paul would undermine her by giving in to Gabrielle's tantrums and letting her have her way. When it came to his son, it was a very different story, as he could be very harsh with Nicholas.

He just wanted to be a buddy to his girls and did not want to discipline because he wanted his children to like him. As a result, whenever Nina laid down rules for the children, he would come home from work and totally not support the rules, making her feel alone as a parent.

During the Family Test Run, Paul and Nicholas' one-on-one playtime went all wrong when Paul made Nicholas do household chores, instead of playing together. Paul got really upset at Nicholas, which made him cry and was upset that he never got to play with his father; which made him feel bad. Eventually, Jo got him and Nicholas the simple game of Guess Who? so that they could bond with each other.

Paul was 32 at the time and is now 44 in 2018.

After Supernanny, he and Nina divorced and he unfortunately lost custody of his 3 kids.