Parker Leo Simmons (born April 6, 2005) is the third and middle child of Debra and Tracy, the younger brother of Payton and Sophia and the twin brother of Sydney.

He was the worst behaved out of the 4. He can be aggressive, hostile, have temper tantrums, and constantly wanted his own way of doing things. He was sent to time out 3 times and the most of out his siblings. Twice during teaching for refusing to share a toy with Sophia, throwing that toy, and threw a temper tantrum, and for acting out during game time. The third time during reinforcement when he went to timeout was for kicking and hitting his mom. He was known for calling his mom a butthead multiple times during the show. He was 4 years old in 2009 and is now 13 in 2018.


  • "Butthead!"
  • "Get out!"
  • "Get away from me,butthead!"
  • "Hi, butthead!"
  • ”Eat my butt!”