Episode summary Edit


Alejandra trying to control Kyle after he hit Farley

Jo visits the Park Family in West Hills, California. Parents Heather (38) & Michael (39) and the family nanny, Alejandra call for Supernanny's help with three children: 6-year-old son Kyle, 4-year-old daughter Farley, and 2-year-old son, Pierce.

Kyle is diagnosed with ADHD. He acts very aggressive, cutting own his hair once, and does dangerous things by going swimming without asking anyone and standing on furniture. He doesn't listen at all. Homework is a 2 hour struggle. Kyle just refuses to do it all and runs off. He's just a total ringleader. His parents took him off medication after a month. His parents also refuse to help him and all they do is yell at him. Their nanny, Alejandra also can get frustrated with Kyle.

Meanwhile the two youngest children, Farley and Pierce are picking up Kyle's aggressisive behavior.

Can Jo help the parents and Alejandra to manage the kids better and work on Kyle's ADHD?

Trivia Edit

Kyle and Farley go into the pool without permission after Heather returns back to the house after work.

Video Edit

Full episode in parts 1, 2 and 3 on DailyMotion (dubbed in French)

Kid's Can't Stop Fighting (submission reel) - Supernanny US YouTube channel, Parents explain they tried ADHD medication for one month before deciding to stop using it because it wasn't working.

Supernanny Arrives Into Chaos and Parents Cannot Cope With Son's ADHD (observation) - Supernanny US YouTube channel

Supernanny Tells Parents How It Is (parents meeting) - Supernanny US YouTube channel. Jo tells the Parks that Alejandra is a babysitter, not a nanny and it is unfair of them to expect her to handle their children when they can't handle them themselves.

Reward System Helps Kyle's ADHD and Dad Is Taught How To Deal With Son's ADHD (teaching) - Supernanny US YouTube channel. Jo introduces an incredibly complicated "Water Works" reward system that very few people would probably be willing to build and implement in real life.

Family members Edit

Heather Park, 38

Michael Park, 39

Kyle Park, 6

Farley Park, 4

Pierce Park, 2

Alejandra, the nanny (babysitter)

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