The Pandit Family is the third episode of Series 2 of the British Supernanny show.


"A half Indian, half English family with four children - all under the age of seven – finds itself with an unusual problem… the kids are acting like adults before their time! Seven year old Jaimee can often be found slaving over a hot cooker making dinners, ordering items off the internet which his parents don’t even know about, doing a paper round and generally behaving like a 16 year old. Meanwhile, his sister, six year old Jasmin, regularly puts her parents to bed at 11pm! How can Supernanny persuade these kids to be kids?" -

Family members

Person Age Relation to Family
Suni Pandit N/A Father
Caroline Pandit N/A Mother
Jamie 7 Son
Jasmine 6 Daughter
Jenna 5 Daughter
Tiny 3 Son


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