Jo returns to the UK to help the Pandit Family. Suni (41) and Caroline (35) have 4 children: Jamie (7), Jasmine (6), Jenna (5) and Tiny (3). Mum is overwhelmed.

The 3 youngest Children are acting out: Tiny is the ringleader of this chaos. He's defiant, runs amok, name calls, fights and pushes his mom's buttons the most. Jenna doesn't take her mom seriously, runs around and refuses to listen. Jasmine has a big attitude and is often up 12 times a night.

Although Jamie doesn't act out as much as his siblings, but he's 7 going on 17. He found out his dad's password and goes online to buy a toy train with his dad's credit card.

The kids give more respect to their dad than they give to their mom.

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