Becoming HumanEdit

Brandy's dad in brawl

The Newspaper.

"Update 16 - Brandy's dad in Brawl" - at the bottom left of the newspaper clipping, it says "er Nanny" This is probably Supernanny in the news.

Drawn TogetherEdit

A Season 2 episode of said show, including the title, mainly revolves around Supernanny. Though there is an extra plot about Ling Ling's drivers license and to make his eyes more American. Thus, this plot has nothing to do with Supernanny. However, the parodying plot shows Captain Hero attempting to seize Supernanny and her Naughty Stool, but he misbehaves dramatically with bad deeds, with some referring to Supernanny's episodes.

Captain Hero pushes away his dish full of food, refusing to eat and saying "I'm not eating" ((except more profane), which refers to the Christiansen Family episode featuring Chase's said phrase. Supernanny sends him to the Naughty Stool (a technique used in the Jeans and Weinstein Family episodes, although the Weinstein Family episode aired in December 2006, while the Drawn Together episode aired about 1 year earlier). After becoming annoyed of discipline, Captain Hero decides to punish Jo Frost by sending her to the Naughty Stool, her own technique. Then various children (who were Supernanny's minions) dressed in robotic armor attack and murder her.