Announcer: Tonight on Supernanny: Jo meets the Orm Family, whose trio of wild boys run amok. She has two weeks to tame them with a healthy dose of discipline. (Opening credits play)

Submission reel

Jo: Let's take a look and see who we have here.

Tammy: Hi, we're the Orm Family. I'm Tammy.

Shawn: And I'm Shawn.

Tammy: Shawn and I, we met and were married in three months. One of those crazy whirlwind romances. (Jo looks up at the camera with a coy smile, then returns to viewing the submission reel.) We had a short amount of time with just the two of us before Chandler came into the picture. (Footage of Chandler doing homework at the dining table) We went from one to two boys. It wasn't that big of a change. (Caden enters the kitchen.) But then the third really was a big jump. (Declan enters the living room with a scream and starts hitting his brothers with a bat.)

Chandler: Don't! (Declan screams. Footage of all the boys hitting each other and their mom)

Tammy: Shawn goes to work every day. (Tammy kisses Shawn goodbye.) I'm the one that's there all the time. (More footage of the boys fighting and yelling) Doing most of the discipline. (Tammy struggles with Declan in the car seat.)

Tammy (sternly): Now! (Declan screams. Tammy picks Caden up and places him on the sofa.)

Tammy (sternly): Sit on your butt! (Footage of Chandler punching Caden away from him on the patio. Footage of Caden wailing like a wolf pup in the living room)

Tammy: I always feel like I'm getting pulled in different directions.

Chandler (very calmly and reasonably, to Tammy as she sits on floor with Caden and Declan): You share with them, but they never share with me. (Caden throws a teddy bear at the camera. Footage of Declan screaming as he sits in the stairwell with Caden. In the parents' bedroom, Tammy is silently holding a helmet above Declan's head as he screams.)

Declan: No! Aaaah! (In protest, he flips himself onto the ground, lies there and screams some more. In the living room, a pouting Chandler kicks Caden solidly on his behind as he zooms past.)

Jo: Aaah!

Tammy: We are here to talk about our three little boys. Chandler's biggest issue is respect. (Chandler and Tammy sit at the dining table, doing homework.)

Chandler: You know why I don't wanna do it now? 'Cause YOU!

Tammy: You clean up the toy room.

Chandler: No!

Tammy (on submission reel): The backtalk. (Chandler throws something in protest.)

Tammy: Chandler!

Chandler: No! (Leaves room)

Tammy (on submission reel): It's all about the attitude. (Jo looks at camera grimly and shakes her head.)

Shawn: Caden, boy...

Tammy: He's always worn us out. (Footage of Shawn guiding a screaming Caden to the dining table.)

Shawn (to Caden): No popsicles.

Tammy (washing dishes): Caden Orm!

Caden (whining): I don't want to! I'm talking!

Shawn: He won't eat anything with the family. He usually has to have another meal cooked for him. (Caden covers his mouth with his hand and backs away, staring in horror at the forkful of food Tammy is aiming at his face.)

Tammy: Honey, we're not having Fruity Pebbles for dinner. (Caden hangs off the kitchen counter in protest. Tammy turns to camera.) I'm making something different almost every night.

Jo: Caden, obviously he doesn't like his food!

Tammy: Declan?

Shawn: Declan. He's just a handful.

Declan: Get out of my way!

Tammy: I'm starting to see little things that he does, that are just mimics of his brothers' behavior.

Declan: No, I didn't! (Struggling with Tammy in kitchen) I hate you.

Tammy: No. What did you say?

Tammy: He is a little bit of a wanderer? (Declan opens the front door. Tammy chases Declan down the middle of the street.) He kind of has free rein of the neighborhood.

Tammy (calling to Declan as he runs down the sidewalk): Dex?

Jo: Far too dangerous.

Tammy: I feel like if I don't get control now, I'm afraid of completely losing control later. We are asking for your help with our little guys. Please, come and help the Orm Family! (Jo closes DVD player.)

Jo: Consider it done. I'm on my way! (Taxi arrives at the Orm Family home.)


Orm Family Home

Jo knocks. Tammy opens the front door.

Tammy: Hello!

Jo: Hello! Pleased to meet you. I'm Jo Frost.

Tammy: Welcome! Jo, I'm Tammy.

Jo (interview): Today I met the Orm Family.

Tammy: This is Caden.

Jo: Hi, Caden! (Holds out her hand) Pleased to meet you! (She and Caden shake hands.)

Tammy: Can you say "Nice to meet you"? And let's see, that's Chandler, over there.

Jo: Hey, Chandler, how are you? (She and Chandler shake hands.) Pleased to meet you!

Tammy (interview): When she walked through the door, I was a little scared because she seemed like she had that sternness about her?

Jo: Hiya!

Tammy: This is Declan! Can you say hi?

Jo: Hi Declan, how are you? Shake my hand? (Declan pouts as he shakes Jo's hand.) Pleased to meet you! (To Tammy, in low voice) A little shy!

Tammy (agreeing): He is a little bit shy.

Jo (interview): Tammy introduced me to her three sons, and they're full of energy, and, you know, definitely a handful.

Jo: Tammy, what we're gonna do today is, I'm gonna watch you and observe.

Tammy: OK.

Jo: So I want you to carry on as normal.

Tammy: OK!

Jo: I know you've got some, you know, issues that need to be addressed.

Tammy: Yeah, like pushing, shoving. (Gestures toward the boys, shouting and pushing each other around in the background)

Jo: We'll get to the bottom of that, and find solutions.

Tammy: Wonderful.

Jo: So I'm gonna step back and just watch you as you normally would be, OK?

Tammy: OK! Sounds good.

Jo: All right.

Observation begins

Jo (interview): When I first meet a family, I observe their family life and the dynamics between parents and their children. I watch, I listen, and I take mental notes.

Caden: I want paint! (Follow Tammy upstairs)

Tammy: Well, you know, we'll paint in a minute. Just let me get another load of laundry done and then I'm all yours.

Jo (interview): Within minutes of walking into the house, Chandler, who's 8, and Caden, who's 6, started fighting. (Chandler and Caden hit each other with swords and sticks.)

Caden: Ow! (Jo looks on in shock as Caden and Chandler tussle in the living room. Chandler laughs as Caden backs him up against the sofa.) You-- are dead-- MEAT, kid!

Jo (interview): They weren't hurting one another and then, it became a lot more aggressive! (In the stairwell, Chandler pushes Caden against the stairs. Caden cries.)

Chandler (very pleasantly): You OK? (Leaves as Caden continues crying)

Tammy (offscreen): Caden? (Caden pouts at the camera and waves his sword at it.)

Caden: Stop! (Crawls away, up the stairs)

Jo (interview): Mom was oblivious. It was just madness. (Caden and Chandler continue to fight in the stairwell, then get up to go upstairs. Caden steps on Declan's back in the process. Declan seems fine with it and just lies there quietly.)

Jo: Caden, do you always step over your brother like that?

Caden: Yeah.

Jo: Do you?

Caden: Yeah, we always. (Happily flees upstairs. Declan scrambles after him.)

Jo (looks at camera): Great! (Follows them upstairs. View of outside of the family home.)

Tammy (offscreen): Which way is he going, honey? This way, right?

Jo: Get the ball! (Chandler is playing foosball.)

Chandler: It's this one. (View of the foosball on the table.)

Tammy: Oh. So you've gotta hit it this way. (Chandler sets up Battleship games on the floor as Tammy leaves the room.) Play with your brother a little bit, honey, OK? (Chandler gets up and follows Tammy.)

Chandler: I need your help! (Returns to other room.)

Tammy: Chandler, who are you gonna play with? Mommy can't play. (While everyone is upstairs, downstairs Caden shrieks and runs out the front door.)

The boys go missing

Jo (returning downstairs): Where's Caden?

Tammy: I don't know. Caden? Caden, honey? (View of the street, but no Caden. Ominous music plays. Inside, Jo looks around in confusion.)

Jo (interview): Caden, who's six years old-- No one knows where he is. (More shots of the street. Inside, Declan scoots down the stairs.)

Jo (to Tammy): Where's Caden and Declan now?

Jo (interview): And Declan, who's three years old, he goes missing! (Another view of the street. Inside, Tammy goes downstairs. Jo follows.)

Jo: That normally happen, Tammy?

Tammy: Yeah, 'cause they all go outside and especially Declan, because he never tells me if he's leaving. Then I'll be running around the neighborhood searching everywhere for him. (Jo takes a deep breath and looks at the camera in exasperation.)

Jo (to camera): That's bloody crazy. (Tammy looks around the house, Chandler goes outside to look for the boys.)

Jo: Where's Declan?

Tammy: Declan!

Jo (interview): Today Declan went missing. My word, I thought I was going to have a heart attack because we couldn't find him.

Jo: Where's Declan?

Chandler: I can't find them.

Announcer: Coming up on Supernanny: Can Jo help Mom find her missing son? And how will Tammy and Shawn take it when Jo speaks the truth? When Supernanny returns.

Jo: Where's Declan now?

Jo (interview): Declan, who is three years old-- He goes missing!

Jo: Where's Declan?

Tammy (to Caden): Where's your little brother, baby? (More views of the neighborhood streets)

Jo (interview): Nobody knows where he is. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.

Chandler (shouting in the street): Declan!

Jo (interview): Mom hasn't got a clue where her sons are. I could not believe the situation we were in.

Jo: Where's Declan, Tammy?

Tammy: Hey, bud-- Oh, honey! (Finds Declan in the driveway, with a pair of gardening shears) Oh, no. That's not good.

Jo: Declan just had the scissors?

Tammy: Yes!

Jo: My word.

Jo (to camera, as she stands in the front yard): I dread to think what that boy would have done with a pair of scissors in his hands. Yet there was no discipline for taking the scissors in the first place. Tammy needs to get assertive herself and take responsibility as a mother to look after her three boys.

Caden: Mom?

Jo (interview): One of the big issues in the Orm family is eating. (Footage of all the boys snacking.) They do nothing but constantly snack throughout the day. (Caden looks in the pantry for something to eat. Jo looks on as the boys continue stuffing their faces with Pop Tarts, Push-Ups and other stuff. Footage of boys in backyard eating lollipops.) That can make them hyperactive. And then they're gonna lose their appetite, and they're not gonna want any of their meals.


Shawn comes home.

Tammy: Hey! (Kisses Shawn. They hug.) I love you.

Jo: Hiya! (She and Shawn shake hands.)

Jo (interview): Shawn came home at lunchtime and it was good to see him.

Tammy: Did you eat lunch, hon?

Shawn (hugging Declan, puts him on the floor): No.

Shawn (interview): My job takes me away on a lot of trips. So hopefully somebody from the outside can tell us what each of us is doing wrong. (Shawn eats at the kitchen counter, watching his boys roughhouse by the stairs.)

Tammy: All right, little boys of mine. Do you want a whole one, or a half? (Caden looks at the sandwich on the table.)

Caden (whining): What is that? I want normal!

Tammy: What? This is normal. It's made out of turkey, honey!

Caden: I hate that! (Bursts into fake tears, jumping up and down in front of the refrigerator)

Jo (interview): Today at lunchtime, Caden decided that he didn't want to eat the sandwich Tammy had prepared for the other children. And he kicked up a fuss. (In kitchen, Jo looks at the camera and shakes her head at Caden's behavior. Caden continues to cry and whine.)

Tammy: Caden. You're being ridiculous, honey.

Shawn: Yeah. You won't get any food.

Tammy: You know what? Just forget it. I'll just--

Caden: No, no, no! (Cries and runs around fretfully)

Tammy: What do you want? Do you want turkey sandwich?

Caden: I want favorite food! Waaah! (Flings himself dramatically onto the living floor, wedged between the ottoman and bean bag chair as he continues to wail. Jo looks disapprovingly at the camera. Chandler is smirking as he quietly eats his lunch.)

Tammy: I'll make him turkey.

Shawn (interview): I just don't think she's strict enough and she thinks I'm too strict.

Jo (interview): Caden didn't want to eat his sandwich. Dad said he had to, and Mom went and made another sandwich. They've got different approaches and they need to come together.

Jo: What would you say that you disagree on? Some of the issues?

Tammy: I think he yells too much. That's the big number one for me. He yells too much.

Shawn: I don't think she does enough when they're doing something wrong, hardly.

Jo: When you come home, you mean, you don't think she's--

Shawn: When we're together in the car, whatever, I mean they'll be throwing something while she's driving or I'm driving.

Jo: Yeah.

Shawn: I think they should just sit there and talk, or read a magazine and she'll not do anything about it.

Tammy (giving a short, incredulous laugh): But you want silence! Like, even if they go, "Mom," you're like (snaps, makes mean face, then says in low, rough voice), "I told you to be quiet!" My gosh, he was just asking me something! (Tammy and Shawn exchange frustrated looks. Jo looks on woefully, shaking her head.)

Tammy's lack of control

Chandler plays outside on his skateboard.

Tammy (calling for him): Chandler!

Jo (interview): Tammy doesn't hold authority with her children. They don't look at her with any respect. (Chandler is skateboarding down the sidewalk. He gets off his skateboard and ignores Tammy as she calls to him from the front walkway.)

Tammy: Chandler, come on. Don't shush me. It's time for homework.

Chandler: Ugh!

Tammy: Come on, sweetie.

Chandler: Oh, look who's coming?

Tammy: Oh, cool, a street washer. We need it. I hope they come down here all the time.

Chandler: I hope it gets you wet.

Jo (interview): Chandler is eight years old. And he smart-mouths his mother all the time. And I think that's very disrespectful.

Tammy: Huh?

Chandler (heading into the house): I hope it gets you wet!

Tammy: Chandler, honey! I don't need that kind of attitude from you. (Chandler ignores her as he goes into the house and closes the front door while Jo and Tammy are still outside on the walkway.)

Jo (interview): Tammy pleads with her children to do stuff that they should be doing. (The children scamper away from Tammy as she tries to gather them together.)

Tammy: Yes, Caden.

Caden: NO!

Tammy: Chandler, honey, don't yell at me, sweetheart.

Tammy: Stop, baby, let's just fix it. (Trying to fix something on the foosball table while Chandler continues playing on it)

Tammy (now on sofa downstairs): Caden, stop! (Caden whines.)

Jo (interview): She begs them. It's cringing to watch.

Tammy: Please? Put it back up for Mommy. Stick it in there. (Caden, while ignoring Tammy, is shooting a toy at an arrangement of wooden things sitting in a decorative box on the living room coffee table. He shouts in excitement as stuff falls onto the floor.)

Caden: Pow, pow, pow, POW!

Tammy: Caden...

Jo (interview): There also seems to be a lot of chaos. And it seems very hectic in the, um, household. (Footage of boys tussling on the living room floor, running around, stepping on Declan's head with vigor)

Tammy: We are in the middle of baking cookies.

Jo (interview): At one stage, Declan had his hands in the oven because they were cooking cookies, and next minute--

Tammy: Oh, here he is. (Caden is in the front yard.) He's catching the bugs.

Jo (interview): Caden was outside the house and nobody knew where he was. (Caden walks around the yard with a mesh bug cage.)

Jo (to camera, in driveway): And now she's got two children in the house, one of them being three years old. (Declan climbs onto the kitchen counter.) Which could have his hands in the stove, looking for the cookies. But Mom wouldn't know because she's out here collecting bugs. Crazy. (Footage cuts between Declan crawling on the counter toward the cooling cookies and Tammy in the front yard with Caden. Jo laughs. Declan is now poking the cookies with costume devil horns.)

Tammy: Did you poke holes in the cookies?

Declan: Mom?

Tammy: Oh, you DID poke holes in the cookies, didn't you?

Jo (interview): Mom was really trying to multitask and manage looking after all three boys, which um, she was struggling with.

Jo (going upstairs): Tammy? (Looks around, finds Tammy alone, lying on the boys' bedroom floor. Jo beckons to camera.) Come through, look at this!

Tammy: I'm just tired. (Laughs)

Jo: This is Mommy on the floor!

Jo (interview): It's just got a little bit out of hand, to be honest, in the house, but the children are ruling the roost.

Parents Meeting

Jo (interview, as footage from the day's Observation displays): When I first meet a family, I go in and I observe their family life and the dynamics between parents and their children. I take mental notes throughout the day of what I feel is not working. And at the end of the evening, I sit down and talk to the parents about what I've observed throughout the day.

Tammy (interview): Jo, when we were waiting for her to talk to us, it-- (Laughs) The longer we waited, the more nervous I got! I'm super-sensitive in the area of my kids and my job as a mother. (Tammy and Shawn sit at the dining table while Jo joins them. Tammy looks like a deer caught in the headlights.)

Shawn (interview): I'm definitely nervous. I don't know what to expect.

Jo: Tammy and Shawn, I'd like to say to the both of you that you couldn't find a home as warm as the home that I've walked into. (Tammy relaxes and smiles.) And without a doubt, the love and the praise that you give your boys in abundance is really a beautiful thing. Also, I'd like to talk about the things that I'm not too happy about. (The ominous music begins.) Discipline needs to be a must.

There is a lack of discipline on your behalf, Tammy. You're constantly trying to convince them that they should listen to you. And you're the mom. You're in charge. And there is discipline on your side, Shawn, which seems so much firmer and sterner, where you're (turning to Tammy) more relaxed. And because no one's being consistent, the children are getting mixed messages.

Chandler is a boy who smart-mouths. He's rude when he smart-mouths back to you. He doesn't respect by the way that he talks to you. Declan: A smart three-year old. You know the day is coming bad when you're walking out into the front yard and your child has got a pair of scissors and you're thanking your lucky stars that you weren't dealing with something more serious. (The drumming noises begin. Tammy wipes tears from her eyes.)

Caden, for example, won't eat his lunch, as we know, or his dinner. And your complete fear as a mother, that your children are going to starve, makes you act impulsively. Now, I'm sitting here, and I'm watching you feel upset because, you know what I truly believe I'm seeing here? Is a woman that's taking all of this blame as guilt. That you feel guilty, Tammy, if you feel you have to discipline your children. That you feel that you won't be any closer if you are to put your foot down.

And let me tell you something, Shawn. Your wife's tired. She's struggling. And she needs your help. She does need your help.

Tammy: I wanna be Supermom? Where I take on everything, and I've-- Sorry! (Fans herself, looks up at the ceiling in exasperation)

Jo: Here. Hey.

Tammy: I have not asked him to help me very much. (Cries) He's kind of gotten used to that. He goes to work everyday, earns a living. I get to stay home with the kids. He gets home and he's tired, and, um....

Jo: You don't work? You work, Tammy! Oh, [censored] how you work! You work every day. (Tammy and Shawn laugh.) You two come together and change your parenting techniques and change your behavior pattern, your children will change their behavior pattern. And we're gonna go through routines and techniques. I'm gonna make this better.

Tammy: So you don't think it's too late to backtrack?

Jo: It's never too late. It's never too late! My word. It's never too late.

Tammy (whispering): OK.

Tammy (interview): Jo, she's definitely straightforward. So-- And the combination of that, and me being emotional, and me taking so much pride in my job? It was a little overwhelming.

Shawn (interview): There was nothing that Jo said that I disagreed with. At all. The whole part of me not, you know, helping out enough is probably, you know, very much so true.

Announcer: Coming up on Supernanny: Jo schools the Orms. And everyone learns a lesson. Especially Dad. When Supernanny returns.

Teaching begins

The taxi returns to the Orm Family home. Jo rings the doorbell, then enters the house on her own.

Jo: Hello!

Tammy (offscreen): Hey, Jo!

Jo: Hiya! (Enters the kitchen) I've got routine!

Tammy: Uh-huh?

Household routine

Jo: The routine, I felt the house needed because it was very chaotic. And it gives a very solid foundation here, and structure for your children, that you do need. (Tammy smiles hopefully. Chandler looks perplexed. A comical guitar twang plays at the look on Chandler's face.)

Tammy: It's definitely going to take some getting used to. Because it's been eight years of running things (gestures to Chandler) his way.

Tammy (interview): I wasn't expecting a routine chart to come out. I thought, "Oh my gosh! When did she have time to put my whole life on a chart?" (Laughs)

Shawn (interview): When she pulled out the list of routines, I thought, "Oh, boy. Like in the military here!" (Laughs)

Jo: I've put down here snack time, which I think's very reasonable, because lunch is at 12:30. Kids come home from school, and they're hungry. So, I want you to make that snack time for all of the children. OK?

Jo (interview): Before I start teaching my techniques, I lay out a set of rules of what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not acceptable. (The boys sit down at the dining table to listen to Jo.)

Jo: What I wanted to talk to you all about was household rules. OK? Which I think are very important. No more hitting one another. (Footage of boys hitting each other) Because I know you brothers all love each other very, very much. When Mommy cooks a meal, I want you all to behave well and eat your dinner or your lunch. (Caden presses his face down on the table in misery at this rule.) Shawn and Tammy, when you see behavior that's not acceptable, I would like you to give your children a warning and tell them, "No. Stop that behavior, it's not acceptable." (Turns to boys. The table shows that each child also has a privilege chart, though this isn't mentioned during Teaching.) If you don't stop your behavior, and your behavior carries on to be naughty, then Mommy will put you into the Naughty Room. (View of the stunningly fussy and boring guest bedroom that will serve as the Naughty Room.) I would like to use the downstairs bedroom as the Naughty Room. OK? Now, are you nodding? Are we nodding?

Declan: Yeah.

Chandler: I think it's good. (Caden is notably silent. He pouts and looks at everyone resentfully.)

Shawn (interview): Caden is going to be Jo's challenge for this whole thing. 'Cause he's a stubborn little guy.

Naughty Room

Jo (interview, over footage of the boys roughhousing during Observation): I'm really concerned about how the boys become over-aggressive when they play. That does need to stop.

Tammy (in kitchen, as Caden and Declan show her pictures they've painted): Declan! Another beautiful picture!

Declan: Caden, you're stepping on my paper!

Jo (interview): Caden and Declan were painting, and Caden took a swipe at Declan. That's just not acceptable.

Tammy: Caden, no no no! Oh.

Jo (interview): Caden had already been warned by Tammy not to hit his brother, so he got sent off to the Naughty Room. (Jo observes Tammy in the kitchen with Caden. Title card reads, "NAUGHTY ROOM TECHNIQUE - Always give a warning.")

Jo: Tammy! Come down, OK? (Jo enters kitchen. Title card reads, "STEP 1: Come down to child's level.") Give them eye contact. (Title card reads, "STEP 2: Make eye contact.") Lower your tone so that you are being firm and authoritive [sic], and then place him into the Naughty Room for that unacceptable behavior.

Tammy: Did you hit your brother? (Title card reads, "STEP 3: Use authoritative voice.")

Caden (mumbling and lying): No.

Tammy: Did I already give you one warning today? You have to go sit in the Naughty Room, right now. (Title card reads, "STEP 4: Send child to Naughty Room." Tammy ushers Caden out of the kitchen.)

Caden (whining and struggling): I am!

Tammy: Without the attitude, for six minutes. (Jo follows Tammy and Caden out of the kitchen as they head to the Naughty Room. She makes a cheeky face at the camera as if impressed with Tammy's no-nonsense attitude. Title card reads, "Leave child in Naughty Room for one minute per year of age."

Jo: Explain to him why you put him in the room. "You're in this room because..." (Title card reads "STEP 5: Explain the bad behavior." In the Naughty Room, Caden hides his head under a pillow as he sprawls on the bed.)

Tammy: Caden, you're in this room because Mommy warned you not to hit your brothers. Let's go you guys, out! (Everyone leaves the room.)

Jo: So whilst Caden's in the Naughty Room, it's now time to think about his naughty behavior. (Title card reads, "Naughty Room." Caden sits on the bed, lies down, sits up again, head on his hands, clearly bored and frustrated.)

Tammy (interview): It felt good to put Jo's teachings into place. Normally it's me screaming, "Caden! Knock it off!" (In the kitchen, Tammy and Jo exchange a smile. Jo hugs Tammy.) I didn't lose it, I felt so in control, I did what I had to do, I did what she told me. (Title card reads, "4 minutes later," then "5 minutes later" and "6 minutes later" as Caden rolls around fitfully on the bed.)

Jo: It's time now that you can go get Caden. Remember to say to him, "Mommy put you in this room because you hit your brother and it's now time to come out and I'd like you to go apologize to your brother, please." If he says, "No, I don't wanna do it," then he stays in there.

Tammy: He stays in there. (Enters the Naughty Room, approaches Caden) Do you know why you were in this room?

Caden: Yeah.

Tammy: What happened?

Caden: I got in trouble.

Tammy: For what?

Caden: Hitting Declan.

Tammy: Yeah. Is it nice to hit your brother? (Caden shakes his head.) Can you please go and apologize to Declan, then give him a hug and say you're sorry? (Title card reads, "FINAL STEP: Get child to apologize.") Thank you.

Jo (interview): Tammy did really, really well! She followed through, to the T. (In the kitchen, Caden walks up to Declan and gives him a half-hearted side hug.)

Snack Box

Jo (interview, while Observation footage of the boys snacking and roughhousing plays): The boys love to snack on loads of junk food, and that can make them hyperactive. And then they're gonna lose their appetite, and they're not gonna want any of their meals. In order to stop the boys from helping themselves to the snacks, I've brought in a Snack Box.

Jo (presenting Snack Box to Tammy): You can most definitely take this into the pantry and clear out all your snacks!

Tammy (with a little scream, taking the box): Ah!

Jo: Put them in there!

Tammy: OK!

Jo (interview): The purpose of having the Snack Box is so that the boys don't feed on snacks throughout the whole day. (Tammy enters the kitchen and drops the Snack Box on the floor outside the pantry as she and boys enter it. Jo picks up the Snack Box to remove the lid.) So that they don't wanna eat, come lunchtime or dinnertime.

Jo: Oh, I can see lots of things that can go in this box! (Caden holds the Snack Box while Tammy starts putting junk food into it. Jangly rockabilly music plays over footage of Jo and Tammy dumping more junk food into the box.) Oh, my word! (Food continues to pour into the Snack Box.) There's enough there to feed a whole army! (They finish loading the Snack Box. Caden closes the box. Jo and Tammy push it onto the top shelf of the pantry. Jo gestures to the camera.) Come take a look! (View of the Snack Box on the top shelf) The Snack Box.

Tammy: OK, you guys!


It's night at the Orm Family home.

Jo (interview): Even though I've curbed the boys from eating snacks, it's still not going to completely change Caden's eating problem. (Caden sits down at the dining table.) Because that's all about control. There's no reason, unless he's allergic to any particular food, that he shouldn't eat the same as his brothers. (The other boys come to the table. Tammy and Shawn chat inaudibly in the kitchen. A title card reads, "GOOD EATER TECHNIQUE - Always set a goal.") When Tammy realizes that she's losing control of dinnertime, what she needs to do is to separate the food on Caden's plate. (Title card reads, "STEP 1: Determine food portion.") And explain to him exactly how much more she wants him to eat. (Title card reads, "STEP 2: Show child how much to eat." Tammy cuts off portions of Caden's dinner and pushes them to one side on his plate.)

Tammy: First I want you to eat this meat. (Caden cuts up the roast beef on his plate.) And then I want you to have one bite of corn. (Caden starts jiggling and pouting in his seat.)

Caden: I don't want a big bite.

Tammy: Just a bite.

Jo: Just have the big bite like you said, and then he can get down.

Tammy (pointing at Caden's food): Just finish this meat, and then the bite of corn. (Title card reads, "STEP 3 - Encourage child to eat." Caden emits a whiny grunt. Shawn looks up at Jo hopefully.)

Jo (all business): Let's not stall. Address that situation again.

Tammy: Finish that meat up, please. (Caden glares at Tammy.)

Jo: With your fork.

Tammy: Just this piece.

Caden: I don't want that piece!

Tammy: Come on, babe! (Caden starts loudly and whinily humming as he pouts, glares and refuses to eat.)

Shawn: Let's eat that one bite of corn.

Jo: Keep on him. Keep on him.

Jo (interview): Caden was still resisting to eat, and so I taught Shawn how to set by example, show and tell. (Title card reads, "STEP 4 - Show child by example.")

Shawn: Check it out. Dad's gonna do his bite--

Tammy (passing Caden and ruffling his hair): Take your bite!

Shawn: Then you're gonna do yours.

Tammy: Do it together! As a teamwork.

Shawn: One, two, three...Go! (Caden takes a bite.)

Tammy: Atta boy, good boy. (Title card reads, "FINAL STEP: Praise child for eating.") Woo-hoo! Way to go, babe. That's my boy! At least you tried it. (Caden takes a drink of what appears to be a giant glass of apple juice.)

Shawn (interview): When we first sat down together, I probably did doubt Jo's ability and the knowledge that she had of kids, you know, and I was proven wrong! (Laughs) I mean, Caden didn't wanna eat....

Tammy (to Caden at table): I'm super-proud of you, honey.

Jo: And it's wonderful, he's stayed in place for more. You're all eating. Say "Well done" to Mom and Dad?

Tammy: Thank you.

Homework Time

Jo (interview): This evening, Dad sat down to do homework with Chandler.

Shawn (interview): I'm trying to be there for my wife, and if she needs help, it's not going to be easy.

Shawn (at table with Chandler): So you need to think of a sentence. T-- You need to pay attention to your work.

Chandler: I am!

Jo (interview): As they were doing the homework, I could visibly see that Chandler was getting upset.

Shawn: Well, don't look at me, this is your work, honey.

Chandler: I don't know. Bugs?

Jo: Shall I have a look? Shall I suggest something? (Sits down at table)

Shawn: Hey, let's just see. (Rests hand reassuringly on Chandler's arm. Chandler shakes it off, and wipes frustrated tears from his face.)

Shawn: Hey, hey, hey. Chan, we're not gonna do this.

Jo (interview): Sometimes children bottle up what they're feeling inside, and what you get is a secondary emotion. Sometimes that comes out physical with attitude, or with aggression. (Chandler cries at the table, clearly embarrassed.)

Jo: Can I ask you why you're upset?

Chandler (crying): I don't--

Jo: Talk to Jo-Jo. And tell me, and we'll work through it together.

Chandler: I'm just not happy.

Jo: Not happy? Then you tell me why you're not happy.

Chandler (crying): I don't know. I just don't want to say it.

Jo: Why is that, darling? (Pats Chandler's hand)

Chandler (crying more): I don't even know it! God, I just want to work with Mom anyway.

Jo: Is there any reason why you like to do it with Mom? And not Dad?

Chandler: 'Cause... 'Cause Dad yells at me sometimes.

Shawn: I didn't yell at you.

Chandler (crying a little more): You yelled at me in the first grade!

Jo: OK, listen to that, because that's valid. OK? OK, um, and how-- And how does that make you feel when Dad-- Dad deals with you?

Chandler: It makes me...mad.

Jo: I'm very pleased that you've said how it makes you feel because that's important. OK? Chandler, that's important. So, no yelling, Daddy. OK?

Shawn: OK.

Jo: No yelling.

Chandler: Like, I'm just much better, like alone.

Jo: It's frustrating?

Shawn: OK. You want to do the sentence by yourself?

Chandler: Yeah.

Shawn: OK. (Shawn leaves the table.)

Shawn (interview): When Chandler told me how he was feeling about the homework, um, it really truly just tore me up inside, you know? 'Cause I sure the heck don't want my son to feel unable to ask me a question because I yelled at him last year over something in his homework. It's an eye opener, you know? It didn't feel good. (Jo and Shawn sit alone at the table.)

Jo: Chandler saying he felt that you yelled at him. And made him feel upset when he was doing his homework, which put pressure on him.

Shawn: Yeah.

Jo: I want to broaden, open up that doorway, so if you can get Chandler to come in, and say, "You know, buddy, I'm sorry I made you feel that way, but I really want to help you do your homework sometimes."

Shawn: Hey, Chan. Hey dude. Come here. Dad wants to talk to you.

Chandler: Yeah.

Shawn: Dad doesn't want you feel like, you know, I'm yelling at you. You know, I'm sorry that you feel--

Chandler: Well, you did.

Shawn: I know, but Daddy's gonna change that, OK?

Chandler: OK.

Shawn: If you ever feel that way again, you need to tell me, OK?

Chandler: OK.

Shawn: All right, when we're doing your homework. All right?

Chandler: Sure. (They hug. Shawn kisses Chandler on the head.)

Shawn: Love ya. (They hug some more. Sweet flute music plays over the touching scene.)

Jo: Good job. (Shakes Shawn's hand) A-ha?

Shawn: Thanks.

Jo: Yeah.

Jo (interview): So, I'm going now for a while, and Tammy and Shawn have to do it on their own! Because I can't be around forever. (Tammy, Jo and Shawn go to the front door. Tammy and Jo hug each other goodbye.) I hope while I'm gone, Tammy and Shawn remember the details of the techniques that I've taught them.

Jo (exiting house): Take care!

Tammy: OK. Have a good night.

Jo: Bye-bye.

Tammy: See you later. Bye! (Closes door. Tammy and Shawn exchange a glance.) We're on our own! Ooh, hoo hoo! (They laugh.)

Shawn (interview): I think Jo's got us pretty quickly trained. We'll find out!

The taxi drives off into the night as ominous bass synthesizer noises play in the background.

Announcer: Coming up on Supernanny: The Orms go solo. But Caden goes on strike. And Declan takes a hike. When Supernanny returns.

Family Test Run

Jo (interview): I hope that while I'm away, that Tammy and Shawn remember the details of the techniques that I've taught them. (Replay of last scene with Jo saying goodbye and Tammy's reaction from before the commercial break) Tammy and Shawn are gonna be put to the test. I just hope that they stick with it 100 percent, and whilst they're doing it, I'm gonna be watching them.

At the usual undisclosed location, Jo, carrying a mug, enters the living room, sits down on the sofa, and turns on the DVD. On the DVD, a pot of baked beans boils on the stove.


Caden: Is that beans?

Tammy: Yeah. (Caden shakes seasoning into the pot of beans.)

Caden: I'm not eating beans.

Jo (while watching DVD): Tammy's gotta make sure, when it comes to Caden's eating time, that it doesn't go on forever. That's what Caden's good at: Game-playing with Mom, and stalling the whole situation. (Caden whines and picks at his food.)

Tammy: What?

Chandler (offscreen, in a wheedling singsong voice): I'll give you two dollars...

Tammy: No! You're not giving money. He has to take a bite. Or, you can spend the good hour that we have of playtime playing, or you can spend it at the table, which doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me. I'm waiting to eat a bite of beans. (Caden grunts, fusses over his food.)

Jo (leaning in to shout at the TV): Mom, don't buy into it! He's playing you! (Title card reads, "15 minutes later.")

Caden (lying on dining table bench as title card reads "20 minutes later"): Not a bite! Not a bite! Not a bite! (Jo watches the DVD, shakes her head and puts her hand to her head in exasperation. Title card reads "30 minutes later," then "45 minutes later.")

Tammy: If you take a bite, and you don't like it, then Mommy won't give you pork and beans anymore. You need to try it. (Caden continues to pout and cry as he lies on the bench.)

Caden: Not a bite! Not a bite! Not a bite! Not a bite! (Jo throws up her hand in frustration.)

Jo: This is absurd. What is going on? (Caden gets up from the table and walks away with one last dismissive pick at his food.)

Caden: I don't like. (Goes out the front door) No more beans!

Homework Time

Jo: Homework time. He looks stressed. Chandler really looks stressed.

Tammy: Remember that word, the tricky one? Because it looks like a "U" but it's "oo," "fruit"? "ih"-- Come on, baby. Chandler?

Chandler: What?

Tammy: Please do homework with me?

Chandler: I am! I had a busy day today anyway.

Tammy: You had a busy day today?

Chandler: Yeah.

Tammy: Yeah?

Chandler: That's why I'm mad.

Tammy: You're mad because you had a busy day today? Why would that make you--

Chandler: 'Cause, I don't want to do more work!

Tammy: Honey. I told you last night that you had a lot of homework today.

Jo: Come on, Tammy! Get in control of the situation.

Tammy: Just like all the other kids at their homes have homework too.

Chandler: You know why I wanna do it alone? 'Cause YOU!

Jo: Well, here we go. Attitude.

Tammy: I tried to start this out nicely, but if you're gonna have this attitude with me, this is your warning.

Chandler (pointedly ignoring what Tammy is saying to him): Are you gonna read with me?

Tammy (fed up): OK, right-- (Stands up from table)

Chandler: I am!

Tammy: Let's go into the Naughty Room.

Chandler: No. I'm not! (Chandler runs from the table. Tammy goes to the Naughty Room.)

Jo: No homework getting done tonight, that's for sure. (Chandler sprawls on the bed of the most boring Naughty Room in Supernanny history. A ticking clock plays over the sound of equally boring elevator jazz music. A title card reads, "Naughty Room." Chandler sits up and looks thoughtfully out the window. Chandler lies on the far side of the bed with his head on the floor, so that only his legs are in view.)

Tammy (interview): Chandler has given me a few challenging moments. (Tammy returns to the Naughty Room.)

Tammy: Let's go do it nicely. Yeah? (Chandler shakes his head.)

Tammy (interview): I feel like-- (Big sigh) I have no control.

Tammy: You're not gonna do your homework nicely? (Chandler shakes his head again.)

Tammy (interview): I can't regain the control that I need. (Frustrated, Tammy leaves the Naughty Room. Chandler enters the front door, turns around and slams the door shut with his foot.)

Jo: Woo-- Slamming doors again. (Footage of Caden and others also slamming doors throughout the house. At the homework table, Tammy raises her hands in surrender.)

Tammy: I'm done. (In a different scene, Chandler runs through the house in swim trunks.) Chandler? (Tammy, exhausted, lies back on a bean bag and puts her hand on her forehead. At the dining table, Caden pouts and points at the chicken salad sandwich he has picked apart.)

Jo (interview): I think it's hard for Tammy, having to manage all three boys.

Declan on the loose

Jo continues watching the TV. Ominous bongos play over footage of Declan standing alone in the yard, followed by footage of Declan walking barefoot down the middle of the street. Jo, stunned, leans forward and puts a hand to her forehead.

Jo: Oh, my God. (Declan continues to wander barefoot through the streets of the neighborhood. Jo's voice grows shrill.) Where is anybody to look after Declan?! Mom doesn't even know he's outside the house?! (Calms down) This is too dangerous. (Declan stands alone on the sidewalk while a giant black truck passes him and then pulls into the adjacent driveway.) The CAR! (Gets up from sofa) Honestly, I need to get back to the Orm Family now!

Announcer: Coming up on Supernanny: Jo returns and takes drastic action. When Supernanny returns.

Parent Evaluation

Jo (interview, as footage plays of Jo returning to the Orm Family home): After I've left the household, I go away for a couple of days, and when I come back, I show the family footage of where they need to perfect the techniques that they have found difficult whilst I've been away. (Jo, Tammy and Shawn sit down at the dining table to review the DVD footage.)

Jo: OK. (Plays footage of Tammy in the kitchen as Caden fusses over his meal.)

Tammy: I'm only asking one more bite, honey.

Caden: OK!

Tammy: One bite is all I ask.

Caden: Not a bite! Not a bite! Not a bite! (Jo pauses DVD.)

Jo: Right. And that is where I would have stopped the nonsense. Your low voice should have come in, and it should have been, "Caden, sit at the table properly and finsh the two spoonfuls. And otherwise you're going to the Naughty Room because your not listening to me."

Tammy: OK. (Jo plays DVD footage of Chandler at his homework.)

Tammy (as Declan refuses to do homework): Just like all the other kids, honey. They have homework, too. (After a pause, Tammy shakes her head and gets up from the table.) OK, I'm done.

Chandler: Hey, Mom! (Jo pauses DVD.)

Jo: You quit!

Tammy: Oh, I was so done. I was done, I was so done. (Puts her hands to her face, embarrassed) I was so frustrated!

Jo: The pair of you are like this (puts her head in her hands in exasperation), ready to pull your hair out. So your firm voice can come in with, "Do not give me attitude. Do not talk to me like that." If you stay calm, then you can address the situations that do need to be addressed, with his attitude and how he speaks to you. But then you can go, "Come on, let's get it done. We can, you know, relax and hang out together afterwards." (Plays DVD footage of Declan wandering the streets alone.) I'm not happy with watching Declan move out on his own in the street. See the height of Declan in comparison to the car?

Tammy: M-hm.

Jo: He walks straight out, on the road, behind this parked car, and there could have been a car. He's in the middle of the road! That, to me-- My mind couldn't even imagine what could happen to Declan out on the street while you're indoors. And that's why I feel that you have to supervise Declan, you know. Because he's too young. You've gotta be on top of that situation, the pair of you. Is that clear?

Tammy: OK.

Jo (closing DVD player): We've looked through the footage. And I'm gonna stick around, and support you, and reinforce all the techniques. OK?

Tammy: OK.

Jo: So see you about the evening. (They all get up from the table.)


Preventing future escapes

Jo: I have brought a door lock.

Tammy: OK.

Jo: What I would like to establish is your awareness of where the children are. I think it's a good idea that they start turning to you and asking you if they can go out.

Tammy: OK. (Close-up of a power drill turning on. Jangly music plays as Tammy goes to the front door, drill in hand.)

Jo: Let me help with that. (Giggles as she holds the lock in place at the top of the door and Tammy starts to drill. Caden observes from the hallway.)

Tammy (also laughing): You know! (Tammy, Jo and boys gather by the front door after the new lock is in place.)

Jo: OK! Mommy-- I want you to explain to your boys why that lock's on the door and what you expect from them.

Tammy: The lock is on the door because while we're in the house, and you guys want to decide you want to go out and play, I need you to come and say, "Mommy, I'm going to go outside," and tell me where you're going. (Turns to Declan in her arms) This especially goes to you. (Tammy slides the lock in place.)

Jo: Brilliant, Tammy.

Tammy: Whoo-hoo!

Jo: Now the boys have to come to you.

A final food fight

At night, a pool party and barbecue takes place in the Orm Family backyard. The boys run around in swim trunks and play in the hot tub area. Shawn and Tammy mingle with their guests.

Jo: Tonight the Orm Family had a barbecue and invited their friends. As usual, Caden was resisting to eat his food again.

Tammy: Caden, will you take in your bites? Well, you're gonna have to sit here until you take those bites. OK?

Jo: Just gonna have a couple spoonfuls to try, for Mommy, and then you can get down.

Tammy (sitting down with Caden as a little girl looks on): Listen to me. I'm giving you one more minute to take a bite of that, and if you don't take a bite of that, you're gonna go into the Naughty Room.

Tammy (interview): I can see now, that's a control thing. And he's gonna eat it. I was catering too much. (Caden makes a big dramatic crying face while he forces himself to eat the one bite of ketchup-covered food.)

Tammy: Way to go.

Jo: Way to go, Caden. Way to go, darling.

Tammy (interview): Caden ate what I told him to eat. I think he knew that we were serious and we were firm. He's getting the picture.

Jo (interview): Hat's off to Tammy, she did really well. She followed through with it and she got the results. (Caden continues eating, now digging into a big hamburger. Tammy claps at this.) It was very successful. I'm proud of her.

Tammy: Come here. (Caden and Tammy hug. Jo gives Caden a thumbs-up from across the patio. Caden smiles proudly.)

Announcer: Coming up on Supernanny: Jo leaves the Orm Family for good. Can Mom and Dad cope without her? When Supernanny returns.

Jo says goodbye

Tammy (interview): My household is so different. Everything is running more smoothly. There is-- There's not as much chaos in the house. Caden's eating his dinner. He doesn't come in and out of the pantry 500 times a day. (Caden eats nicely at the dinner table.)

Shawn: Very impressive.

Tammy: I'm super-proud of you, honey. (Kisses Caden)

Caden: Chicken... (Says something unintelligible)

Tammy: Thanks for waiting until everybody else was done.

Shawn: That was, I think, the best dinner you've ever had.

Chandler (reading): "...How to be a Laker."

Tammy: Good! That was very good.

Tammy (interview): There's been a big change in Chandler. His attitude is improving. (Chandler does his homework as Shawn looks on.)

Chandler: That's not supposed to have a 2 with it.

Shawn: Yeah?

Tammy (interview): But now Chandler wants to do homework with Shawn. And Declan's gotten used to playing in the house. It's a huge difference!

Jo (interview): There's been a tremendous amount of progress with the Orm Family. Tammy's gotten more control over situations when she's managing all three boys. And both parents, they've got connected and come together and they're working on the same page.

Shawn (playing with boys and cleaning up playroom): OK, all right....

Tammy (interview): Watching Shawn with the boys, it's amazing. It's good for the boys to bond with their dad like that.

Shawn (playing video game with Chandler): OK, you want a green guy?

Chandler: Yes!

Jo (interview): Progress is happening. Slowly, but surely, and that's what counts. And that makes me feel very, very happy for them. (Jo hugs the family goodbye.)

Jo (hugging Tammy): Take care. (Tammy pulls away, starting to cry.)

Tammy: Everything is so awesome. (Wipes away tears) I mean, I can't even tell you how much you've helped us. (Starts to lose it)

Jo: Thank you! (They hug again.)

Jo (interview): They were open from the beginning. They were warm, they were receptive. (More hugs goodbye) They wanted change. And they deserve every result they're getting. (Jo leaves the house. Tammy and Shawn hug.) Every result, because they've put the hard work in and-- And, it's lovely to walk into a house and see what needs changing and to walk out and see it changed. It's priceless. Priceless. (The taxi drives away from the Orm Family home.) I've done what I was meant to do here in this family, and uh...I'm off to the next one now!

Family Update

The family plays street hockey outside.

Caden: Mom!

Chandler: Yeah, go go go!

Tammy: Go get it, it's all yours!

Chandler: Yeah!

Tammy (interview): Everything has changed. It's more than I expected. To actually see her come in her and work wonders on our family. It was more than I could have ever hoped for. It was uh, an amazing experience for all of us. (Shawn and the boys ride out of the driveway on bikes and scooters. Shawn helps the younger boys ride skateboards.)

Shawn: Since Jo's been around, I think the biggest difference in my family is we're much closer, even though we were a tight family. It's just seemed like we've came [sic] together and kind of put some sealing on the window basically.

Chandler (interview): I am happy that Jo came in. I'm so happy but I'm so sad 'cause I'm going to miss her. (Shawn and the boys play at the dining table with paper and pens.)

Chandler: Double dot! (Laughs)

Shawn (to Declan): OK, you start the dot right here...

Declan (interview): It's fun with Jo, but I miss her. (Holds up five fingers) These [sic] much. (The boys and Shawn play in the pool.)

Shawn (interview): She's made me, I would say, be a better father, you know? And help my kids act proper, you know? Which is gonna reflect on them and pass it on to their kids one day.

Tammy (interview): Jo made a big difference forever on how these kids are gonna turn into, from 3-, 6-, to 8-year olds, into grown men and they're gonna be raising their kids and be better parents because of what Jo taught us. It's a chain. I mean, not only did she affect our life, but she can affect my children's life. That-- That's an amazing thing to do for somebody. For all of us.

Closing credits

Declan sits shirtless at the dining table, pushing a large cheese curl into his left nostril. Once it is firmly lodged in his left nostril, he works at sticking another cheese curl into his right nostril.

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