Haidyn George freaking out during the Off-the-Hip technique

This technique is meant to encourage independence. If they're no longer a baby and can walk on their own, mothers should be teaching their children it's OK to not be held like a baby all the time.


  1. Do not pick up child
  2. Go down to child's level, ask child what does he/she want
  3. If child continues to cling, move away and ignore
  4. Repeat steps
  5. Wait to give hug

Episodes using this technique

Jo introduces this technique to the Burnett Family. In the George Family, Haidyn seems to think she really needs to be held. In the Gorbea Family, it looks as if Adam just feels entitled and is angry about not being carried around. This technique was also introduced to the Butterly Family, for their daughter, Jodie.


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