Noah Potter is the oldest son of Chris and Joy and the older brother of Ryan, Jake and Alexa.

He was constantly berated by his dad, Chris. Thanks to Chris's out of control temper, Noah disrespected and feared his dad. Noah was very rambunctious when Jo first met him. Noah was the most stubborn child of the house. This was mainly due to his father being very extreme with disciplining him, and his mother being very passive.

Noah even got himself sent up to bed early twice when Jo came to help. The first time he got sent up was because he wouldn't pick up his shoes, and the second time he got sent up was because he wouldn't give his mother his spaceship.

Noah Potter's Birthday is on November 15, 2000. Noah was 10 years old on "Supernanny". As of 2017, he is 16, and will later become 17.

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