Opening Edit

Announcer: Tonight, Jo meets the Newton family.

Jo: Hello.

Vicki: Hi!

Jo: Hi, pleased to meet you, I'm Jo.

Announcer: These separated parents share custody of their 2 children.

Vicki: You're going to Daddy's for a while.

Announcer: But while Dad runs a tight ship at his house...

Aaron Sr: Ah, ah, ah. Don't even start. Aaron, you know you don't talk with food in your mouth.

Announcer: ...all hell breaks loose at Mom's.

Vicki: Stop it.

Announcer: And Kobe's the culprit.

Kobe: (Bleep) you!

Announcer: This 5-year old's rage even shocks Jo.

Vicki: OW! Stop it!

Announcer: Will she be able to calm the whirlwind of chaos?

Jo: Remove him.

Announcer: And get Mom and Dad to push their own issues to the side?

Aaron Sr: I didn't lay this foundation. Vicki did.

Announcer: Or are these parents a lost cause?

Jo: I'd like a joint decision on whether you'd like to invite me back.


Submission Reel Edit

Jo: OK, let's take a look and see what family we've got here.

Vicki: Hi, my name is Vicki Newton. I'm 43 years old and I have 2 sons. Aaron who's 12, and Kobe who's 5.

Aaron Sr: My name is Aaron Newton, I'm 54 years old. Vicki and I are currently separated; we've been separated for a little over a year.

Kobe: (yells)

Vicki: I have primary custody of the boys.

Aaron Jr: He's throwing the fire stuff at me!

Vicki: Let's go, in the house.

Kobe: No!

Vicki: In the house!

Kobe: NO!

Vicki: And they spend every other weekend with their father.

Aaron Sr: And when my children are with me, they're good kids.

Vicki: The boys are night and day when they're with me and with their father.

Kobe: (screaming)

Vicki: Kobe is the angel-devil child.

Kobe: (yelling)


Vicki: Stop that!

Vicki: He will turn on you...

Vicki: OW!

Vicki: Hit, kick and scream.

Kobe: (yelling)

Vicki: Absolutely have meltdowns.

Jo: This little boy's so angry.

Vicki: Aaron?

Aaron Jr: Vicki.

Vicki: Aaron wants to be a big mature man.

Kobe: You're kicked out of our house!

Vicki: And Kobe pushes every button that Aaron has.

Vicki: What now, Aaron?

Aaron Jr: He peed on the ground and I stepped in it!

Kobe: I peed on the ground so he just stepped in it.

Aaron Sr: Get your ass downstairs.

Aaron Sr: I'm a very strict person.

Aaron Sr: Aaron, you are definitely cleaning this place up today.

Aaron Sr: And my children understand, you know I can't hang with this.

Aaron Sr: I want you to eat. I want you to eat now.

Vicki: I feel like such a terrible mom, because they just won't listen to me.

Vicki: When I cook food, then you can eat it.

Kobe: I want to eat when I want to eat!

Vicki: Stop, stop that.

Jo: So different in one house to the other.

Kobe: (Fuck) you.

Vicki: HEY!

Aaron Sr: I don't think I want Supernanny's help. But I believe Vicki does, tremendously.

Vicki: I feel like...I can't win. So, please, if you can do it, I'll be forever grateful.

Jo: I've seen enough. You guys desperately need my help and yes I'm on my way now.

oberservation Begins Edit

Jo: Hello.

Vicki: Hi!

Jo: Nice to meet you, I'm Jo.

Vicki: Hi, I'm Vicki.

Jo: Can I come in?

Vicki: Please do.

Vicki: This is Jo.

Jo: Hi, Kobe. Pleased to meet you, shake JoJo's hand.

Kobe Good.

Jo saying goodbye Edit

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