Submission reelEdit


Blythe: "Hi, I'm Blythe Newsome and I'm a single mom for six kids. Loughlin is 13."

Loughlin: "Moira, stop messing it up or you'll break it."

Blythe: "Aidan is 12."

Blythe: "Aidan, go in your room."

(Daly laughing)

Blythe: "Daly is 9."

Blythe: "Just walk down the stairs."

[Daly slams the door and laughs]

Blythe: "Daly!"

Blythe: "Moira is 8."

Moira: "Ahh, I'm swinging."

Blythe: "Elspeth is 5."

[Elspeth yells into the camera.]

Blythe: "And Finn is 3."

[Finn cries]

Observation BeginsEdit

Jo: "I was only there about twenty minutes when I started to see exactly how chaotic this house was."

[Finn thows blocks as Moira and Elspeth run through the house]

Jo: "Daly started to run for cover and he hid himself in the closet."

Blythe: "Daly, Daly."

[No response] 

Blythe:"The doorknobs are coming off."

Jo: "And it drove Elspeth nuts."

[Elspeth attacks the door with a hairbrush.]

Daly: "You can't get me!

Blythe: "No, Ellie, no!"

Elspeth: "Open the door."

Blythe: "Is Finn in there?"

Aidan: "Yes."

Blythe: "Don't do that, you will hurt yourself."


[Elspeth pulls Moira's shirt] Blythe: "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Stop. you sit right here Elspeth."

Elspeth: "NO!"

[Elspeth pulls Moira's hair]

Moira: "MOM!"

Blythe: "That is enough."

Elspeth: "I'm not sitting there."

Blythe: "Okay, then you can sit-"

Elspeth: "NO!"

Blythe: "'s there."

Elspeth: "No I want to sit there!

Jo: "Well mom just gave in the Elspeth's temper tantrum and Moira had to move."

[Elspeth is now seated and being served spaghetti]

Elspeth: "Now give me some. I want the meatballs."

Blythe: "I know."

Aidan: (Talking with her mouth full)

Aidan: "Can I have more pasta?"

Loughlin: (Talking with her mouth full)

Loughlin: "This pasta is so sticky."

Daly: "Ew, mine's cold."

Blythe: "Who wants sauce?"

Blythe: "Yes sir can"

Blythe: " I am getting drinks right now."

Jo: "Now I've seen people speak to waitresses better than what these kids were speaking to their mom. Give me this, Bring me that. I mean where are the kids' manners?"

Parents MeetingEdit

Blythe: "There's so much that I'm doing all the time that I can't...I can't do it all, I can't follow through."

Jo: "Why is Finn still having bottles like a three week old baby?"

Blythe: "Cause it's easier than hearing him scream. And it's just one battle that I don't have to face."

Jo: "But from where I stand you're not prepared to face any battle. Let's talk about house here. House space, okay? You lived in this big house that you loved and over the years you build up memories in that home. And now you're in this home that not ideal for you cause you have been used to things a certain way. You're sleeping on the couch, not getting a good nights sleep which is crazy to me because you've lost all pride and self respect."

Blythe: "Yes. Oh yes."

Jo: "Seriously. Why won't you clean your home?"

Blythe: "I'm vaccuming a couple times a day."

Jo: "There's no way."

Blythe: "It's the-the, we couldn't find- we couldn't find the vaccum cleaner for three days."

Jo: "Oh no, please."

Blythe: "That's not fair."

Jo: "What is the point in me being here right now? You tell me. What's the point in me being here right now Blythe?"

Blythe: "I don't know."

Jo: "Tell me why you asked for my help. Because right now, I need a woman opposite me. I need a woman, okay?"

Blythe: "??????"

Jo: "And a mother."

Blythe: "???? Nana??" 

Jo: "Blythe, let me tell you something."

[Blythe gets up to leave]

Jo: "No, sit back down, I'm talking to you. Blythe, sit down please."

Blythe: "It is 1.15. My children need to be picked up."

Jo: "She just got up and walked out of her own home. Made me realize just how difficult it is for her to even listen and here what I've got to say."

Getting rid of Finn's bottleEdit

Finn [crying]: "I want my baba."

Blythe: "Finn started crying. Saying that he wanted a bottle."

Jo: "There was gonna be no great time to get rid of the bottle.

Blythe: "Finny, we're gonna throw our baba's away and drink out of a big boy cup. Okay?"

Finn: "NO! NO! NO! NO!"

Blythe: "Finn went into this whole, huge fit. And then that let to a total meltdown. I thought I'm ruining his life."

(Finn continues to cry)

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