The Naughty Zone was first issued in Collins Family. It is a UK variant of the Naughty Room.

The parent gives the child a warning, the child listens to him or her when he/she comes down to the proper level. If it continues, the child will go the the Naughty Zone, an area where the child must stay there for an amount of time depending on their age.


  1. Give your child a warning with a firm voice, come down to their level, and give them eye contact. (Unless they swear. Put your child to the Naughty Zone automatically.)
  2. Send your child to the Naughty Zone if they ignore the warning.
  3. Explain the bad behavior
  4. Leave child in naughty zone for one minute per year of age (3 year olds for 3 minutes, 7 year olds for 7 minutes, etc.)
  5. Return your child to the Naughty Zone if they leave before time is up and reset the timer
  6. When their time is up, explain again why they were placed there and ask for an apology
  7. If they don't apologize leave them in the Naughty Zone until they're ready
  8. Hugs and kisses
  9. Forget about the incident.

Video Edit

Kid Pees On Floor While In Naughty Room - Supernanny UK YouTube channel. Despite video's title, this is actually about the Naughty Zone.


  • Collins Family (Ben for 10 minutes, Lauren for 9 minutes, Joshua for 6 minutes, Joseph for 4 minutes)