The Naughty Stool technique was first seen on the Jeans Family, the series premiere of Supernanny. 


Andra on the Naughty Stool for yelling at her mom


  1. Come down to child's level
  2. Make eye contact
  3. Give the child a warning, using an authoritative voice
  4. Get the child to sit on the naughty stool and explain why they are in time out if child ignores warning
  5. Set the timer for one minute per year of age
  6. If child escapes, put them back on the stool and reset the timer, no talking.
  7. When time is up, explain why child was placed in time out.
  8. Get child to apologize
  9. If the child does not apologize let them stay in time out for some more time
  10. Give the child a hug


  • Jeans Family (Andra for 4 minutes, Jessie and Leah for 3 minutes)
  • Weinstein Family (Robert for 2 minutes)
  • Jackson Family (Triplets Ethan, Will and Isabella for 5 minutes; However, every time Isabella moves, Lisa adds 5 minutes so it is now 45 minutes for Isabella on the Naughty Stool which wasn’t exactly part of the technique)
  • Del Re Family (Peter and Deanna for 4 minutes)

Links Edit

Naughty Stool overview on

Video Edit

Jeans Family learns the Naughty Stool - Supernanny US YouTube channel

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