The Naughty Step technique was first issued in The Woods Family. A child sits or stands on a step for 1 minute per year depending on their age, then apologizes.


  1. Come down to the child's level and give a warning using a low-tone voice.
  2. Send child to the Naughty Step if the child disobeys the warning.
  3. Come down to the child's level again and explain the reason they are on the step.
  4. Walk away (no talking) and set the timer for one minute of their age. (IE 4 year olds stay for 4 minutes, 7 year olds stay for 7 minutes.)
  5. If the child escapes, bring them back to the step, say nothing, and reset the timer.
  6. After time out is over, repeat why they were on the step and ask for an apology.
  7. The child apologizes. (If the child does not apologize leave them on the step until they are ready, if they escape, restart the timer again.)
  8. Hugs and kisses.
  9. Move on.


Trivia Edit

  • During Reinforcement, Farley Park was sent to the Naughty Step for five minutes, although her parents explained that she was four at the beginning of the episode.It's assumed that her parents were just rounding.
  • During Reinforcement, Erica Winter was sent to the naughty step for 7 minutes, even if she was 6 years old. This may have happened because these parents were rounding up.
  • Despite the Naughty Step was seen in the Moy Family, Matthew was never sent to one at all.

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