Timeout technique, also known as the Naughty Step or Naughty Chair, is the most commonly used discipline technique. It is one of the first discipline techniques Jo introduces at a family, and it was used ever since Supernanny began airing in 2004 in the UK. A child sits or stands at a designated location for 1 minute per year depending on their age, then apologizes.

Throughout Supernanny, there have been many variations of this technique, most of them beginning with the word "naughty" (as in Naughty Step, Naughty Chair).

A list of episodes with no timeout techniques can be found here.


  1. Come down to the child's level and give a warning using a low, authoritative tone of voice.
  2. Send child to Timeout if the child disobeys the warning.
  3. Come down to the child's level again and explain the reason they are on the step.
  4. Walk away (no talking) and set the timer for one minute of their age. (e.g. 4-year-olds stay for 4 minutes, 7-year-olds stay for 7 minutes.)
  5. If the child escapes, bring them back to the step, say nothing, and reset the timer. Ignore any attention-seeking behaviours.
  6. After timeout is over, repeat why they were on the step and ask for an apology.
  7. The child apologizes. (If the child does not apologize or does something like scream sorry in a way that makes you think they don't mean it then leave them on the step until they are ready, if they escape, restart the timer again.)
  8. Hugs and kisses.
  9. Move on and forget about the incident

Note that is the child misbehaves immediately after coming off the step then bring them back to the the step without warning them, especially if they do the same wrong thing. Also, older children will outgrow this technique, so consider an alternative such as the One strike and you're out, or you could also use this technique in conjunction with a privilege removal system.


This is a list of all the episodes that feature some form of timeout.

Naughty StepEdit

Naughty SpotEdit

Naughty ChairEdit


Naughty Chair seen in The Webb Family.

Naughty CornerEdit

Reflection RoomEdit

  • Cooke Family (Meghann for 9 minutes, Gabriella for 6 minutes, Erin for 4 minutes)
  • Moy Family (Hailey for 11 minutes, Camryn for 8 minutes)
  • Porter Family (Maddison for 9 minutes, Harry for 7 minutes)
  • Agate Family (Mary-Anne for 7 minutes)

Naughty BenchEdit

Naughty RoomEdit

Naughty SeatEdit

  • Bates Family (Erin and Orla for 3 minutes, Callum for 5 minutes and Haydn for 7 minutes)
  • Banjany Family (Zoe & Cameron for 5 minutes, Blake for 3 minutes)
  • Young Family (Nathaniel for 8 minutes and Caleb for 7 minutes)
  • Cantoni family, Gabby for 3 minutes

Naughty StoolEdit

  • Jeans Family (Andra for 4 minutes, Jessie and Leah for 3 minutes) - Leah Sit In The Naughty Stool Sit In 3 Minutes Screaming & Crying!
  • Weinstein Family (Robert for 2 minutes)
  • Jackson Family (Triplets Ethan, Will and Isabella for 5 minutes; However, every time Isabella moves, Lisa adds 5 minutes so it is now 45 minutes for Isabella on the Naughty Stool which wasn’t exactly part of the technique)
  • Del Re Family (Peter and Deanna for 4 minutes)

    Naughty Stool seen on The Del Re Family.

Naughty PointEdit

Naughty BeanbagEdit

Naughty CircleEdit

Naughty CubeEdit

  • Banjany Family - In this episode, Zoe took three and a half hours to submit to the Naughty Cube technique. In addition, Jo, Rich and Lisa took turns playacting as recalcitrant children so that Rick and Lisa could practice what to do if their kids refused to go to the Naughty Cube.

Naughty MatEdit

Naughty BlockEdit

  • Larmer Family (John for 4 minutes, Justin and Jessica for 2 minutes)
  • Banjany Family (Cameron and Zoey for 5 minutes, Blake for 3 minutes)

Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes parents round up their children's ages when they are on timeout, particularly if the child's age is more than half of the year. This happened with Farley Park, Erica Winter, Josef Webb and Claire Manley in their respective episodes.
  • In the Smith-Clarke Family, Jo's timeout technique for Cameron was scrapped after finding out about his severe anger issues.
  • The Moy Family had a Naughty Step, despite the fact that Matthew was never seen at one.
  • In the Bradbury-Lambert Family since Tegan-Olivia was 2 and 1/2 years old, instead of sending her to timeout for 2 minutes, she got sent there for 2 and 1/2 minutes.
  • In the Duan-Ahn Family, the Naughty Chair was named the "Reflection Chair" and whoever was on it has to write down why he is on the chair in a book. This variant of Timeout was used in conjunction with the Communication Couch where the child and parent sit down to talk about what the child had written in the book.