For the United Kingdom name, see Naughty Zone or Reflection Room.
"Naughty Bedroom" redirects here. For the Weston Family's version of the Naughty Bedroom, see Naughty Bedroom (Weston Family).

The Naughty Room (also known as the Reflection Room in some episodes) was first issued in the Orm Family. The child has to stay in a room for a depending amount of time based on their age. Then the child apologizes.

How to use the naughty roomEdit

  1. Come down to the child's level, make eye contact, and use an authoritative voice when you see a child breaking the house rules.
  2. If the child carries on with the bad behaviour. Come down to their level, make eye contact, and use authoritative voice and say that they are going to the naughty room.
  3. Place child in naughty room.
  4. Explain for the first time. "You're in this room because you pushed Kara. So, you will stay in here until I come and get you."
  5. Leave child in naughty room for 1 minute per year of age (For example, a four year old gets four minutes and a six year old gets six minutes). If child leaves the naughty room before time's up, put them back in the naughty room with no talking and reset the timer.
  6. When the child has done their time in the naughty room, explain for a second time. "You got put in here because you pushed Kara, which is unacceptable behavior." Ask the child to apologize for what they did. If they hurt another child, be sure to make them go and apologize to the child they hurt. If they refuse to apologize to you or scream sorry, repeat step 5.
  7. If they apologize, give them a cuddle to reassure them that you still love them.
  8. Move on and forget about the incident.

Video Edit

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