The Naughty Mat Technique was first issued in Bullard Family. A child goes to a mat (a rug as Rylan called it in the episode with its first appearance of this technique), and must stay there for the amount of time based on their age. Later, the child apologizes.


  1. When you see your child break a rule, give them eye contact, lower your voice, come down to their height, and give them a warning.
  2. If your child disobeys the warning, send them to the naughty mat.
  3. Explain the bad behaviour.
  4. Leave child on naughty mat for one minute per year of age (Four year olds for four minutes, seven year olds for seven minutes). DO NOT talk to your child or let them play with anything. If they say something, ignore it. If your child gets off of the mat, take them back to the mat, say nothing, and reset timer.
  5. When time is up, explain the bad behaviour again.
  6. Ask for an apology. If your child does not apologize, repeat from step 4.
  7. Child apologizes.
  8. Hugs and kisses.
  9. Move on.


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