Shermie Young finally capitulates to the mighty Naughty Corner

The Naughty Corner is introduced in the Steer Family episode. A child must go to a corner for a dependable amount of time based on their age. The child later apologizes for the unacceptable behavior. Later used in some other episodes.

Stps Edit

  1. Give your child a warning with authoritative voice and get down to their level and give them eye contact
  2. Send the child to the naughty corner if child ignores warning
  3. Explain the reason of why the child is there with a low tone voice, eye contact and come down to their level
  4. Walk away and set the timer for one minute of their age (IE 4 year olds stay for 4 minutes, 7 year olds stay for 7 minutes)
  5. If child walks out put child back in naughty corner with no talking and reset the timer
  6. Explain again why they were placed there when time is up and ask for an apology
  7. Leave the child in naughty corner if child refuses apology
  8. Child apologizes
  9. Hugs and kisses
  10. Move on

Episodes Edit

  • Wischmeyer Family (Ashlyn and Alaia for 4 minutes)
  • Young Family (season 2 episode) (Shermie for 5 minutes, Shelby for 4 minutes)
  • Bowersock Family (Maddie for 7 minutes, Hayden for 6 minutes, and Lily for 4 minutes)
  • Howat Family (Shannon for 7 minutes, Rhys for 4 minutes)
  • Nitti Family (Darren for 10 minutes, Matthew for 8 minutes, Devin for 6 minutes, Jared for 5 minutes)
  • Steer Family (Sophia for 5 minutes, Callum for 4 minutes)
  • Seniors Family (Bethany for 5 minutes, Ruth for 3 minutes)
  • Citarella Family (Rebecca for 7 minutes, Sarah for 6 minutes, Hannah for 3 minutes)

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