The Naughty Chair Technique was first used in Burnett Family episode. The child goes on a chair for a certain amount of time actually based on their age. Later, the child apologizes and is necessary to get the child to get hugs and kisses by the parent.


Naughty chair seen in Minyon family.


Naughty chair seen in Webb family.


Naughty chair seen in Willaims family. (From left to Right- Bethany's naughty chair, Tyler's naughty chair, Tia's naughty chair and Loris naughty chair.)

Steps Edit

  1. Come down to the child's level and give a warning using a low-tone voice (unless child swears at you, send him/her to the naughty chair immediately and skip step 2 and move to step #3.)
  2. Send child to the Naughty Chair if the child disobeys the warning.
  3. Come down to the child's level again and explain the reason they are on the chair.
  4. Walk away (no talking) and set the timer for one minute of their age. (IE 4 year olds stay for 4 minutes, 7 year olds stay for 7 minutes.)
  5. Ignore behaviors that attract attention
  6. If the child escapes, bring them back to the chair, say nothing, and reset the timer.
  7. After time out is over, repeat why they were on the chair and ask for an apology.
  8. The child apologizes. (If the child does not apologize or angrily yells it, leave them on the chair until they are ready.)
  9. Hugs and kisses.
  10. Move on.

List of Episodes with Naughty Chair TechniquesEdit


  • The chair's appearance changes from time to time. In the Minyon Family , it is a white, tall chair, on the other hand, the Webb family rather has a blue, shorter chair.
  • Although Josef of the Webb Family has to stay in the Naughty Chair for 7 minutes, Cathy Webb actually explains that he is 6 at the beginning of that episode. It is possible that he was 6 1/2 or almost 6 1/2 and the timeout length was rounded to 7 minutes.
  • In Manley Family , Claire had to stay on the Naughty Chair for 5 minutes (rounded up because she was 4 1/2 years old).
  • In the Williams Family, Tyler's technique shifted to the Naughty Circle at one point due to his misuse of the Naughty Chair.
  • In Smith-Clarke Family, Jo found out that Cameron cannot be placed in a naughty step or a chair due to his high anger issues; "I cannot put in place a Naughty Step or a chair because his anger is just too high" Jo Frost quoted on Cameron's characteristic


How to Use the Naughty Chair Correctly- Supernanny US

How to Use the Naughty Chair Correctly- Supernanny US