The Naughty Block as seen in the Larmer Family.

The Naughty Block is similar to the Naughty Seat and the Naughty Chair. It was first issued in the Larmer Family. A child sits on a cube-shaped piece of furniture. The child must stay seated on the block for a depending amount of time based on the age. Afterward, the child apologizes. It's for kids ages 2-5.


  1. Go down to child's height, give them eye contact, use authoritive voice, and give them a warning.
  2. If child ignores the warning, send them to the block and explain the reason they are there.
  3. Leave child on block for 1 minute per year of age. If they leave before time is up, send them back to the block without any communication, and reset timer.
  4. Ignore attention grabbers.
  5. When the timer goes off, go and explain for a second time.
  6. Ask for an apology. (If they refuse, leave them on block until they are ready to apologize)
  7. Child apologizes
  8. Hugs and kisses
  9. move on

List of episodes featuring the Naughty BlockEdit

  • Larmer Family (John for 4 minutes, Justin and Jessica for 2 minutes)
  • Banjany Family (Cameron and Zoey for 5 minutes, Blake for 3 minutes)