Cathy puts Amanda on the Naughty Beanbag for refusing to put the folders away.

The Naughty Beanbag is a variation of the Naughty Chair. The only difference is it's a beanbag, not a chair.


  1. Come down to the child's level and give a warning using a low-tone voice.
  2. Send child to the Naughty Beanbag if the child disobeys the warning.
  3. Come down to the child's level again and explain the reason they are on the beanbag.
  4. Walk away (no talking) and set the timer for one minute per years of of their age.
  5. If the child escapes, bring them back to the beanbag, say nothing, and reset the timer.
  6. After timeout is over, repeat why they were on the beanbag and ask for an apology.
  7. The child apologizes. (If the child apologizes rudely and inappropiately or refuses to say sorry leave them on the beanbag until they are ready.)
  8. Hugs and kisses.
  9. Move on.