Natalie Williams (born January 16, 1979) is the wife of Martin, and mum of Bethany, Tyler, Lori and Tia.

She worked at her local school but did the majority of the child care and housework while Martin sat on the computer and did nothing. She would often shout at her kids for misbehaving.

Her relationship with Tyler was strained and the two would often clash with each other. Her habit with Tyler was to yell and repeat the same command over and over. One day, Tyler hit Bethany in the face with a towel, and yelled at her to "shut up", and Natalie placed him on the Naughty Chair without giving him a warning. Then Natalie told Tyler he was on the Naughty Chair for hitting everybody, and Tyler then yelled, "Just Bethany once, I threw the towel!" and Natalie started to laugh as Tyler hit her multiple times and called her a swear word. She then walked off still laughing saying, "I can't do this, and now I'm in one of the moods."

She was 27 years old when she appeared in Supernanny and now she is 39 years old in 2018.

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"You are going to break the door!" she yells at Tyler while he kicks the front door during a tantrum.

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