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Jo visits the Naszkiewicz Family in Royal Palm Beach, Florida where Jen (35) and Roy (40) are having a hard time with their four crazy kids: 12-year-old Jordan, 9-year-old Tanner, 4-year-old Zachary, and 2-year-old Kaia.

Jordan and Tanner fight aggressively with each other like they have a hatred of each other. Kaia throws her fits like any other 2-year-old.

However, little Zachary is a dominant and stubborn child who rules the roost. He constantly throws violent temper tantrums and acts out when his sisters get more attention than him. He even lashes out at Kaia and his mom.

Jen doesn't discipline the kids, constantly gives into Zachary's tantrums, and pacifies him to make him stop. The father, Roy is the exact opposite, he often loses his cool with the kids. However, thanks to Zachary's control, Jen and Roy are not on the same page when it comes to discipline and their relationship is starting to fall apart.

On the Submission Reel, Jen tearfully tells Jo that Supernanny is their last shot or they'll end up getting divorced. Can Jo teach them how to properly tame Zachary's tantrums and repair their relationship?

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Supernanny Naskiewicz family pt one

Supernanny Naskiewicz family pt one

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This is one of the times where the kid who throws tantrums greets Jo at the door.

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