Photo of Nana (from Newsome Family Submission Reel)

Dorothy Lee Miller Williams (Nana) (born October 12, 1955, died June 19, 2008) was the Newsome Family's nanny. She was Blythe's childhood nanny growing up and then became a nanny to Blythe's children.

Sadly, she died of breast cancer at age 52 on June 19, 2008.

If Nana was alive, she would be 62 years old today.

Links Edit

Nana's obituary - From this, we learn her full name was Dorothy Lee Miller Williams and died at age 52. (Her daughter, Angela, is friends with Blythe on Facebook.)

When You’re Left Behind: The Impact Of Breast Cancer On A Family - Blythe's ModernMom blog. We learn Nana's birthday is October 12.

A Journal of One Family’s Loss to Breast Cancer - Blythe's ModernMom blog. We learn Nana had been Blythe's childhood nanny since she was a little girl, and came to care for Blythe's children after she divorced and went back to work. We also learn Nana died June 19, 2008.

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