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Season 4 concludes with a visit to the Moy family in Lincoln, Nebraska where Michelle (38) and Harding (44) have three children Hailey (11), Camryn (8) and Matthew (4).

With Harding working away from home Monday through Thursday every week, Michelle is left to care for the children including the way she is often strict with mostly Hailey more than Camryn, whenever at times the kind of discipline techniques to give her and what to do to punish her for her misbehavior.

Hailey is becoming defiant and sassy, and has a strained relationship with both of her parents and her siblings especially Camryn.

Camryn is also using attitude and defiance. She would argue and fight with her sister and her parents.

Meanwhile, Matthew is becoming spoiled like his sisters, but unlike them, he throws temper tantrums if he doesn't get what he wants or his way. He doesn't like to be told no at all.

Jo later learns that the reason for Hailey's attitude is because of her dad's long absence, and feeling that her mom doesn't trust and like her. Hailey could tell of her her mom not trusting her because her mom gives more attention especially positive attention to her younger siblings which makes Hailey very jealous and angry.

Can Jo help Hailey to bond with her parents and her siblings? Can she help Michelle learn to have some backbone, so she can discipline and praise her kids?

Family membersEdit


  • Some Thomas & Friends merchandise was seen in the opening scene of the episode.
  • The Moys are a Chinese American family.
  • A Windows XP Boot Screen Appeared that was Censored Out.
  • The game they were playing that Hailey was kicked out of was Mouse Trap 2005 Edition.
  • This is the last episode with "Be Good Johnny" by Men at Work as the theme song (Reruns only)

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