Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Jo meets the Minyons ."

Jo: "Good morning."

Frank: "Good morning."

Announcer: "A young family who have lost power to their 4-year-old daughter..."

Danielle: You don't kick!

Frank Patrick's Grandmother: "Stop it!"

Announcer: "While Mom fights for control."

Danielle: I just hate making her cry.

Announcer: And Dad's tough love proves challenging.

Frank: Shut your mouth and start doing your homework.

Announcer: Jo will try to get this family back on track.

Frank: Start over.

Jo: You used language that was Abusive.

Frank: You're just a little whiny brat

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: Let's take a look this week and see what family we've got here.

Frank: Hello, this is the Minyon family. I'm Frank, 29 years old.

Danielle: I'm Danielle, I'm 26.

Frank: We have 2 children. Frank Patrick, who's 7, Skyler, who's 4.

Danielle: I have no idea that having kids could be so much different. Danielle: Don't you hit me!

Danielle: They're not quite as easy as I thought it would be.

[Skyler screaming and crying] I don't want to get a time out!

Danielle: You don't hit mommy.

[Skyler screaming]

Danielle: Skyler's very difficult. She's got some rage issues.

Danielle: Skyler!

Danielle: She just goes ballistic.

Danielle: Stop it!

Jo: My word.

Danielle: Frank absolutely does not get as much of our attention because of our daughter.

Frank: I'm sad to say that I don't spend enough time with my son.

Danielle: Frank doesn't like to wake up early in the morning and when I do get him up I have to physically dress him while he's in the bed.

[Jo shakes her head]

Danielle: Frank, how come you never help me get yourself dressed early in the morning?

Frank Patrick: Because I'm tired.

Jo: He's 7 years old. This is way beyond the joke here.

[Skyler screaming]

Frank: I would just like my family to be happy.

[Skyler whining and crying] I'm not gonna be good.

Danielle: Supernanny, help us, we can't stop our daughter's fits. We don't have the answers and we really need help.

Jo: Mom and Dad, I'm on my way.

Observation beginsEdit

Jo: Good morning

Frank: Good morning

Jo: Pleased to meet you. I'm Jo

Frank: I'm Frank.

Jo: Good

Frank: This is my wife Danielle

Jo: Hi, Danielle, how are you?

Danielle: Good

Jo: Very in the morning I hope

Frank: It sure is

Jo: Well I heard that you've got some issues that need to be sorted out with guarding and mornings getting children up and ready for school.

Frank: Sure do

Frank: Jo's presence felt very strong kind of almost like principal I felt as if school was about to begin

Jo: Well like you both to do today is to just to carry on as normal make here not here would be flammable with children today okay

Danielle: I felt so relieved that Jo was at the house and i was finally gonna get some answers to my crazy household

Jo: And correct I think water

Frank: Sure is, sure is.

Jo: I'm just gonna sit back and watch

Danielle: Frank, come on buddy. It's time to wake up.

Jo: Soon afterwards, Mum went into Skyler's bedroom...

Danielle: Skyler...

Jo: ...and attempted to wake her up.

Danielle: Come on... Frank, rise and shine.

Danielle [At Skyler]: You awake yet?

Danielle [At Frank]: Come on bud,

Jo: Mum told Skyler that she needed to get dressed because she was going off to school today.

Danielle: The cops are gonna come and get Mommy if you're not at school.

Skyler: I don't wanna go to school.

Danielle: Come on.

Skyler: No!

Danielle: Skyler, please.

Skyler: No!

Jo: And that's when the fireworks went off.

Danielle: Don't start that in the morning.

Skyler: I want to get down! [Wailing]

Danille: Skye...

Skyler: I don't want to go to school! I'm not getting dressed. I want my clothes off!

Jo: Skyler was clearly running things in this household.

Jo [At Danielle]: What happens now?

Danielle: Each day at school it's getting worse and worse. I just bought her new shoes yesterday but still, she's not getting dressed.

Jo: Where is Dad, Danielle?

Danielle: Getting ready for work.

Jo: So do you normally get Frank dressed every morning?

Danielle: In his bed, he usually won't get out of bed until I physically dress him.

Jo: He's a big boy! And yet she was dressing him.

Danielle: Otherwise, I'll fight with him all morning to actually get out of bed, he won't even get out of bed.

Jo: Very suddenly I realised Frank didn't do much in the morning, Mum did absolutely everything. I mean, I don't think anybody knows where they're going, they're like puppies chasing their tails in the morning.

Danielle: You're gonna find your sneakers? You're gonna brush your teeth?

Danielle: Sometimes I like my husband to help me in the morning.

Frank Patrick Not really.

Daneille Skyler

Daneille Skyler i want you to finish eating

Skyler i don,t want a timeout!

Daneille Yes you do

Daneille You hiding?

Jo well wheres frank?

Jo do you much time with my mom and dad/

Frank un not really

Daneille pick the pillows off the floor

Skyler No

Daneille pick them up please

Daneille do you want Timeout?

Daneille pick them up please

Daneille pick the pillows up

Daneille you know what your going in Timeout

Daneille are you gonna pick them up?

Skyler No mommy i don,t want a time out!

Daneille You can sit there?

Frank Patrick My sister is not being a good girl.

Daneille Stop it Sit down

Daneille Hey

Daneille You don,t kick

Daneille Let go

Skyler No

Daneille Nothing.

Daneille it sucks.

Daneille , Cause i don,t know what works.

Daneille i , ve so many different things.

Daneille ... none of them work.

Daneille is it worth fighting...

Daneille ... for two or three hours?

Frank Hey Sky

Frank if i even get one.

Frank patrick Alright i,ll try again.

Skyler no i don,t want a hug

Teaching beginsEdit

Jo: "Danielle started to prepare dinner and Skyler wouldn't let her do so. She wanted to be picked up constantly."

Jo: "She's used to screaming, now you'll pick her up. You notice, If you pick her up, what you're doing is you're teaching Skyler every time she misbehaves this way, she wants you to just pick her up."

Jo: "So be a positive parent. Come down and say "Darling, mommy can't hold you right now, I'm cooking."

[Skyler hitting Danielle]

Danielle: "Skyler, don't hit mommy! That is not nice."

Jo: "Give her a warning and tell her if she does it again, she will go on the Naughty Chair. And behind you, you are taking the power back."

Skyler: "I don't want to go to-I don't wanna go on the chair. I don't wanna go to chair."

Danielle: "Then you don't hit mommy."

[Skyler hits Danielle again]

Skyler i m not sitting down

Skyler: "No, I don't wanna go on the Naughty Chair!" Danielle: Thats enough

Danielle: What do you need to say to mommy?

Skyler: I don't want a time out.

Danielle: What do you need to say to mommy?

Skyler: I wanna get out of timeout.

Danielle: You can come out of timeout when you apologiz. What do you need to say to me?

Skyler: Sorry.

Danielle: Thank you. Give me a hug.

Frank: When Skyler admitted she was sorry, hallelujah! The chair worked!

Parents Meeting Edit

Family Test Run Edit

Jo: I've left Danielle and Frank for a couple of days, to get on with implementing the techniques. And I'm gonna be watching them, so let's just see how they get on.

[Frank Patrick's alarm clock ringing]

Frank: Good morning. Alright! Getting up pal, good job.

Jo: Ah! The morning routine! It's gonna be a challenge.

[Skyler's alarm clock ringing]

Danielle: Come on baby, you hear it? She's not budging!

Jo: Frank! That's a big improvement.

Danielle: I would like you to put these on, and come out in the living room dressed, and make me really proud okay?

Danielle: Hurry! Hurry! Come on!

Jo: Excellent! Frank's off to school.

Danielle: Love you pal!

Frank: See you buddy!

Jo: But what about Skyler?

Frank: Come on, let's go.

Skyler: No.

Danielle: Do you want to get dressed? Or do you want to go to school in your pajamas?

Skyler: Mommy no!

Danielle: Okay, well I'm gonna put your clothes into your book bag.

Skyler: Nooooo!

Danielle: You gonna go to school in your pajamas then? Well, let's brush your teeth so that you don't have stinky breath at school.

Skyler: No! No! I don't wanna brush my teeth!

Jo: "A bit of a struggle, Skyler is going to school in her pajamas. Way to go, Danielle."

Jo: Later on, Frank sat down with his dad to his homework.

Frank: "Shut your mouth and start doing your homework."

Frank: "Is that an A or a C or which letter is that? Fix it."

Frank Patrick: "No." Frank: "I've never seen an A that looks like a C."

Frank Patrick: "But that's how I write."

Frank: "Start over."

Frank Patrick: "I don't know anything."

Frank: "No, I know what's right and what's wrong. Just do your homework."

Frank Patrick: "But that's what I always did."

Frank: "We're going to a bad spot with this whole homework thing."

Frank Patrick: "Yeah, I know how to write down an A."

Frank: "Frank, start your homework now."

Frank Patrick: "Then let me write down my A."

Frank: " If you write down your A, you're going to sit in the Naughty Chair."

Jo: Naughty chair? Why? For what?

Frank: "Erase it, Frank."

[Frank Patrick crying]

Frank: "Dude, don't cry over writing a word. This is stupid. You know what? Go sit down."

[Frank Patrick sobbing] Why do I have to sit in the chair for?"

Frank: "You heard what I said, now get in there."

[Frank Patrick still whining]

Frank: "You're in timeout...look at me. You're in timeout for giving me a rough time at homework and for not correcting your A. You were giving me a problem making an A. That's why you are now in timeout."

[Frank Patrick crying]

Frank: "You're in timeout for 7 minutes, pal. And worse than that, the reason why you're in timeout is because you're such a whiny little brat. You're going to break my chair? Don't break my chair, Frank. You're a whiny brat, Frank, over simple homework."

Jo: Daddy, you're letting your anger get the better of you.

[Frank Patrick whining and crying]

Frank: "Stop crying now, you sound ridiculous, Frank. Shut up".

Danielle: "Baby".

Frank: "I don't want to hear him whining."

Danielle: "You just can't, though. It is just that you can't."

Frank: "He stopped. It worked."

Frank: "You're in timeout for whining and for not listening about what I needed you to do with your homework. That's why you're in timeout. Now you can get up and don't whine."

Frank Patrick: "I wouldn't make my A right."

Frank: "So you continue to whine?"

Jo: Frank, you need a homework assignment. Communication 1 on 1.

Jo: Frank, that was so unfair, I need to get back to this house, as soon as possible."

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