Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Jo meets the Mihaliks "

Donna: Hi!

Announcer: "Blake is riding bikes often in the neighborhood"

Donna: Blake!


Submission Reel

Jo: Well Let's Take A Look

Donna: Hi, we're the Mihalik Family. I'm Donna. I Have Four children

Donna: Blake Is 11

Donna: Cole Is 8

Donna : Aiden Is 3

Donna: and Stephanie's a year and a half

Jo: Look at this little sweetie

Donna :  In the last four years, things have been a little difficult for the family. Four Years ago Cole Was Diagnosed Leukemia.

Donna: Then Two Years Ago, My Husband Steve Passed Away, It Was A Good Timing About In My Backyard It's Possible. (Footage Of Blake And Cole Fighting Each other) Donna: Stop!

Donna: Blake is hanging out with older kids than his age

Donna: my 3 kids fight over the computer

Donna: My kids cuss all the time.

Cole: so shut the **** up

Aiden: ******

Cole: Oh my ******* god I told you not to do that

Donna: Do not, say that!

Cole: I hope you ******* die mom

Jo: mom how you let the kids talk to you like that

Donna: my sweet love Stephanie is copying the older boy's behavior (Stephanie cries)

Donna: Well The Boys Are Terrible Blake Has A Juvenile Delinquent,

Donna: Please Come Help Supernanny.

Jo: I'm On My Way!

Jo Visits The Mihalik Family

Donna: Hi! Jo : I'm Jo Frost,

Donna: Come In.

Jo: Hi Blake I'm Jo

Jo: Hi Cole I'm Jo

Jo: Hi Aiden I'm Jo

Donna: And this is Stephanie

Jo: Hi Stephanie I'm Jo

Observation Continues

Parent Meeting

Teaching Begins

Jo: If you show mum that you can leave your door unlocked, then the locks can go back on the door again.

Teaching Continues

Parent Evaluation


Jo Says Goodbye

Family Update