Michelle Angela Smith (née Serrano), (born August 18, 1967) is the mum of Nate and Ari and wife of Will.

She was very hands-on and enthusiastic about spending time with the children, but didn't know how to discipline her kids.

She admitted she has tried Supernanny techniques such as the Naughty Corner but didn't understand how to actually get the technique to work for her.

She was 39 years old at the time and is now 51 in 2018.

Educational background Edit

Education Edit

1998-2004; Florida Institute of Technology, Ed.S. in Marine Science;

1996-1998; Springfield College, M.Ed in Biology.;

1984-1988; UMASS Dartmouth, B.S. Biology & Marine Biology;

Experience Edit

2001- present; Lecturer at University of Hawaii, Windward Community College, Kapiolani Community College & Honolulu Community College

2010; Lecturer at Hawaii Pacific University

Summer 1998-2000; Lecturer at Holyoke Community College

1998-1999; TA at Florida Institute of Technology

1996-1998; TA at Springfield College

1984-1988; TA UMASS Dartmouth

Links Edit

Michelle's home page - This tells us she is a lecturer at Windward Community College and provides her educational background/experience. Also has links to pics of Nate and Ari, and page of ceramics she has done.

Michelle's LinkedIn page

Michelle's Facebook page