Michelle Lynn Baker Martinez (born September 23, 1974) is the know-it-all mother of Sindo Jr, Ashley and Mikey and ex-wife to Sindo.

She was on an emotional rollercoaster. She felt lost with Sindo away in Iraq, always worried about his safety. When not taking care of the house and kids, she spent her spare moments at the computer, hoping for an e-mail from him. Michelle explained that if he didn't e-mail her, she would start frantically sending more e-mails asking why he hadn't e-mailed and if he was OK.

The worry left her emotionally drained and frustrated, and Jo observed that she wrongly vented this frustration on the kids by overreacting to their behavior.

Michelle was seen spanking Sindo Jr and Ashley in the Submission Reel.

She was 34 years old at the time and is now 43 years old in 2017.


  • "Knock it off, keep it up and you're going to get it."
  • "Knock it off."
  • ”Ashley, turn the hell around and shut up!”
  • ”Get cleaned now!”
  • ”Get up and go eat now.”
  • ”Stop!”
  • ”I said stop!”
  • "Look at me. I want you to zip the lip, and do not say another thing."
  • "In the corner, in the corner, in the corner. Sindo, get in the other corner."
  • "Turn around now."
  • ”No! You’re not cutting it out!”
  • "Open the door, Sindo!"
  • "Don't you hit Mommy!"
  • "I will take the dang thing from you and throw it in the trash can. How's that?"
  • "Then stop!"
  • "Pick all the paper up."
  • "Now Ashley!"
  • "Ashley, do not go in that basement and start cutting up. Ashley, that's a lot of paint!"
  • "Ashley Marie! For the love of Pete!"

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Michelle's Facebook page - Shows maiden name Baker. Michelle and Sindo Sr. have divorced and her current married name is Bokano and she also has full custody of her three kids.