Michael Scott Park (born November 13th 1968) is the dad of Kyle, Farley, and Pierce, and husband of Heather.

He didn't really understand Kyle's ADHD, shown by his comment that Kyle was just choosing not to listen. He thought "more structure" would help Kyle in the absence of medication, but admitted he really didn't know what would help. Jo showed him how choosing not to react to Kyle's outbursts would avoid the chain reaction leading to increased frustration for both Michael and Kyle.

He was 39 years old on Supernanny, and is 49 years old in 2017.

Links Edit

Farleybug Playland LLC business profile - It appears Heather and Michael owned this business, a children's play center.

Farleybug Playland Trademark Details - Michael filed for this unattractive bumblebee logo to be their business trademark, but this pursuit was ultimately abandoned.

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