Melora Dawn Wischmeyer (née Johnson) is the wife of John and the mother of Jared, Ashlyn and Alaia.

She worked from home as a marketing representative so she could spend more time with her children, but admitted it wasn't working. She described herself as an overachiever who was always in "Go" mode. She felt at the end of her rope with how the girls ruled the household.

She also seemed to favor the girls over Jared, making excuses for them due to their age. When Jared expressed frustration with the girls, she would blame him for not being more understanding or tolerant. Jo made sure Melora started sticking up for Jared and punishing the girls when their behavior was inappropriate. Melora also improved her relationship with Jared by spending one-on-one time with him, listening to the ideas he shared through the Thought Box.

Melora was 34 years old at the time of her appearance on Supernanny and as of 2017, she is 47 years old.


"Jared, quit doing that!"

"OH, MY GOD!" (to Ashlyn)

"You made a major mess." (to Ashlyn)

"Do you wanna go to your room?" (to Jared)

"No! Not until you are willing to stay in the corner!" (to Alaia)

"Do you want 4 minutes in the Naughty Corner!?" (to Alaia)

"Do YOU feel like going to the Naughty Corner!?" (To Alaia)

"I'm ALWAYS on the phone Ashlyn, that's my job!"

"No YOU didn't, I HEARD you! It's your TONE of voice Jared! "GET OUT!" Now I want you sit down AND do your homework!"

Links Edit

Melora's Facebook page

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