Meghann Helena Matthews-Cooke is the oldest daughter of Paul and Denise. She has two younger sisters, Gabriella and Erin.

Meghann was very explosive and was hot tempered. She was mostly disrespected towards her sisters. She was also disrespectful towards her parents and once to Jo during teaching. Meanwhile, her siblings are following her footsteps and copied her behavior and her mum lost her patience and got angrier with her.  Soon, Meghann started to settle down a bit.

2 years later, Meghann improved on her anger. She's much more calmer.

She was 9 years old when she was on supernanny, and 11 when Jo returned two years later. She is now 21 years old.


  • "Well, I think that's sissy stuff, will that help?"
  • "Yeah, it's your fault, Jo."
  • "No I haven't. It's my show and I'll do what I like."
  • "It's sissy stuff that means it's babyish"
  • "I told you Coke!"
  • "But it's called the household rules"
  • "Get my badge off NOW!"
  • "You're supposed to put your hand up you twit"
  • "Sorry. See I said it!"
  • "My friend thinks you're a bitch. And so do I"
  • "Get out of my room now."
  • "GET LOST!"
  • "I DON'T KNOW!"




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