Meghann Helena Matthews-Cooke (born May 10, 1996) is the oldest daughter of Paul and Denise. She has two younger sisters, Gabriella and Erin.

Meghann was very explosive and hot-tempered. She was mostly disrespectful towards her sisters. She was also disrespectful towards her parents especially mum and once to Jo during the first day of teaching. She was aggressive with her hands and with her words. Sometimes she could drop things on the floor with attitude and slamming doors in her outbursts. Meanwhile, her siblings followed her footsteps and copied her behaviour and her mum lost her patience and got angrier with her. Soon, Meghann started to settle down a bit during reinforcement.

2 years later, Meghann had matured quite a lot. She’s not explosive and hostile. She was seen doing a dance routine with her sisters and did well.

She was 9 years old when she was on Supernanny, and 11 when Jo returned two years later. She will be 22 in 2018. Since the 2005 episode, she has stopped terrorizing her sisters and started respecting her family.

She gave birth to a baby boy named Ruari Christopher Avery in April 2018 with her boyfriend.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "It's sissy stuff; that means it's babyish!" (arguing about the princess reward chart)
  • "Well, I think that's sissy stuff, will that help?" (same as above)
  • "My friend thinks you're a b**** and I agree with her." (UK airing only)
  • "My friend thinks you're a b****, and so do I." ("B****" is censored in the US airing)
  • "No I haven't. It's my show and I'll do what I like."
  • "I told you Coke!" (UK airing only)
  • "But it's called the household rules!"
  • (throws paper at Jo) "Yeah it's your fault, Jo!"
  • "You're being a stupid b****!" ("B****" is censored in the US airing)
  • "Get my badge off NOW!"
  • "You're supposed to put your hand up you twit."
  • "Sorry. See I said it!"
  • "Get out of my room NOW! Get out." (UK airing only and she said it to the cameramen)
  • "GET LOST!"
  • "Well, I mean it because I DON'T KNOW!" (tries to slap Jo, only for Paul to drag her away)
  • "Yeah, Erin's not getting down!"
  • "Well, I'm the director!"
  • "Oh shut up and just sit down!"
  • "Big deal!.... Well, you hurt me FIRST!”
  • "Well, I don't want the picture because it's SISSY stuff!"
  • "Now, GET OUT!"
  • "No, I'm putting my shoes on."
  • "No, she's not."
  • "Big deal."
  • "Don't ask me what I'm doing!"
  • ”So I was all wrong and you’re yelling and telling me off and you’re angry at me aren’t you!.... I’m doing what I want with YOU. AND I’LL LET YOU HAVE IT! You! (5x) (UK airing. She was fighting with mum over reflection room during the end of the week of family test run and she said it so fast while mum showed Meghann her bite mark that Meghann did after she hit Erin)
  • Go A-WAY! (Tries to hit camera with her skipping rope in a UK airing intro)
  • ”WHAT!?”
  • "It’s you who making me cry!"
  • you ruined it you little...
  • "It's 'unacceptable' not 'unasseptable.'"
  • "She's not a part of this family!"
  • "Dadd wouldn't let me have a bath? (Indistinct) I didn't want one! And I had them"


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