Narrator: Tonight on Supernanny...

Lucy: Oww!!

Corey: You do not throw that!

River: Let me go!

Narrator: Jo visits the McKeevers home, and for the first time, the kids' aggression turns on Jo!

Lucy: River, stop it!

Narrator: These are two of the most badly behaved children Jo has ever encountered!

Jo: Do not kick me please.

Narrator: She dodges punches...

(River punches Jo on the back)

Narrator: ...and flying objects.

River: We need to beat up that lady.

Lucy: No you don't!

Narrator: Can she get Dad involved in his sons lives before Mom loses it?

Jo: Don't walk away from me!

Narrator: Will Jo find the source of their anger?

Jo: Because everything is due to you!

Narrator: Or will it be too late?


Jo: Here in Southern California. Let's take a look at the family I'm going to help.

Lucy: We're the McKeever family!

Hunter: No, we're the Butt family!

Corey: Hunter!

(Jo looks very surprised)

Lucy: This is Hunter.

Hunter: No, this is River! I'm River. And she's diaper woman! (referring to Lucy)

Corey: Hunter is 7...

Hunter: I don't wanna be alive anymore!

Corey: River is 6.

(footage of River hitting Corey)

Corey: What are you doing?

Lucy: Put it down!