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Jo Frost: i mean having new york because of the family who have a unique situation as i said i hope so let,s take a look

Tammy we are the mcgrath family i,m tammy

Bill i,m bill

Tammy we have three kids

Bill paige is nine

Tammy aiden is five

Bill liam is four

Tammy come get a shot real quick and then we can go play

Bill aidan with dianosed with type 1 diabetes eight months ago

Tammy these are little car plate it,s something no mother wants to hear

Tammy i happen to have a father who died of diabetes at age 46 so it,s really all i ever feared as a mother,s to have one of my children be diagnosed with diabetes

Tammy didn,t i do that one

Bill it,s completely life altering we have to prick his finger four or five times per day to find out if his sugar,s high or low

Tammy your low let,s get something to eat

Bill we calculate how many curves he adjusted

Bill how many curves on a pizza

Tammy 25 at the most

Bill and then we figure out how much insulin to give him

Bill he,s getting two units

Jo little chappy very courageous

Bill it,s just very scary cuz it,s like sir

Tammy i think i already checked your sugar we have to go eat

Tammy please go eat do you want to get sick you need to eat your body needs to eat

Jo he knows that his parents are worried about him needing to eat and now he,s helping food to ransom

Tammy you do not hit see don,t throw toys

Tammy liam is instigator you don,t say i hate you i,m stupid sit

Bill liam tell us how to push buttons and people

Tammy don,t hit me do not hit me stop

Bill if you stand up

Bill if you tell him to do something he pretty much has a meltdown

Bill peyton gets very frustrated and very upset over the diabetes

Tammy you better not spit on my floor

Jo i,ve never that are stuggling with the diabetes

Jo that,s my excuse for not discplining a children

Bill eliminating pretty much go toe to toe

Tammy do a lot of fighting and i do a lot of the breaking up the fighting that just seems like all day is just a screaming mad

Tammy this it,s going in the garbage

Tammy we,re gonna call dad

Tammy you,re here for the rest of the day

Bill i,m hoping that we can find one form of discpline that works

Bill you take a timeout do you want to hit me

Aiden i didn,t hit me

Bill you hit me in the head

Bill button yeah

Aiden no

Bill yeah

Aidan no

Bill yeah

Jo oh my word

Jo what a pathetic excuse for timeouts

Paige no

Aidan no

Tammy i feel paige is really frustrated we asked a lot of her and i think she has a lot on her shoulders a lot of responsibilty than the nine year old shouldn,t have

Paige stop following me liam

Tammy can we play together

Tammy she is suffering in ways that we probably don,t know

Jo i,m gonna have to do something about that

Tammy we have to pare it together we have to be on the same team work

Tammy we,re not really fighting you know please don,t talk wait like our communication is like zero

Jo you can,t pattern if you,re not prepared to talk to one another

Bill why are you acting like this

Tammy you,re in timeout and i mean it sit

Tammy beside B,s has really taken a toy on her family

Tammy sit i had it

Tammy i just want so much for this to be better

Tammy i think so difficult

Tammy supernanny we really are desperate for your help

Bill because we,re fighting a losing battle

Tammy please hurry and get here and help this family

Jo oh my god i know things seem hopeless but they don,t hopes on its way

Jo i,ll be there soon

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