Submission reelEdit


Jo: "I'm in Hamlin New York because there's a family who have a unique situation and they say they need my help, so let's take a look."

Tammy and Bill: "Hi we're the McGrath family ."

Tammy: "I'm Tammy."

Bill: "And I'm Bill".

Tammy:and we have three children

Bill:Paige who's nine

Tammy:Aiden who's five

Bill:and Liam who's four

Tammy:Aiden come get a shot real quick and then we can play okay.

Bill:Aiden was diagnosed with 1 type diabetes 8 months ago we have to prick his finger 4 or 5 times a day

Tammy:I happened to have a father who died at diabetes at age 46

Tammy: one of my biggest fears is to have one of children be diagnosed with diabetes

Bill: we need to find out if his sugars high or low

Tammy: you're low let's get something to eat

You need to eat Aiden

Tammy:you do not hit

Bill:Liam is an instigator

Tammy:you don't say I hate you I'm stupid and I'm a ***** SIT!!

Liam: I hate this family!

Jo:Oh dear

Tammy: do not hit me[Aiden hits]Do not hit me Stop

Bill:Aiden is very sentistive [Aiden crying]Aiden gets very frustrated over the diabetes

Bill: If you ask Aiden to do something, he pretty much has a meltdown [Aiden crying and screaming]

Tammy:you better not spit on my floor[Aiden Spits]

Jo:I don't know how moms doing with the diabetes

Tammy:Paige is having responsibilities that a 9 year old shouldn't have

Paige:Stop following me Liam!

Jo:I need to do something about that

Tammy :you're in timeout and I mean it

Parents: we need help supernanny

Jo:I'm on my way

Oberservation Begins Edit

Bill Don,t be Shy

Paige Good

Tammy i,m gonna ask you one more time if you don,t your going to sit in Timeout

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