Matthew William Nitti (born August 4th 1998) is the second oldest child of Lisa Nitti and brother to Darren, Devin and Jared.

He didn't act out as much as Devin but he would often fight with his brothers. Once, he screamed "SHUT UP!" in Jared's face, and then violently pushed him to the ground, making him cry. In the Submission Reel, Darren violently stabbed him in the back with a thumbtack that made him scream in pain. After his time on Supernanny he was diagnosed with ADHD and juvenile Tourette’s. Matthew was 8 years old at the time of his appearance on Supernanny. He is now 20 years old in 2018.

Quotes Edit

  • “He soaked me!”
  • “He stabbed me in the back”
  • "Mom is a B****"
  • "NOOOOOOOOO! F**k you, Lady!"
  • "SHUT UP!"
  • "Hey, mustard, where are you?"