Matthew Bradbury (born May 31, 2000) is the oldest child in the Bradbury-Lambert Family. Laura's first child and stepson of Stuart. He is the older half brother of Tegan-Olivia and Diesel.

He was extremely aggressive towards Laura and called her names. In the Submission Reel, Laura said he throws tantrums 3 to 4 times a day. Stuart called him "the child from hell" and said was impossible to control, and that he feared for the safety of Tegan-Olivia and Diesel.

Laura and Stuart also taught Matthew kickboxing, and Jo feared that Matthew didn't understand appropriate limits to physical interaction due to this instruction.

He was introduced to a chill out chair to let out his anger when he lost his temper.

He was 5 years old when he appeared on Supernanny and is now 18 in 2018.


  • "Get me a drink, you stupid b****!" (UK airing only)
  • "Get off me, you b****!" (B**** is censored in the US airing)
  • "Stop it. I want to undress myself."
  • "SHUT UP!"