Episode summary

In this special episode, SuperManny Mike Ruggles meets the Marko family of Temecula, California. Parents Doug (37) and Tracy (36) have their hands full with three young daughters, Gwen (7), Alexa (4) and Jacinda (8 months).

Gwen seems to be the instigator of trouble: She treats her parents disrespectfully, yelling "Leave me alone, woman!" to her mother, and homework time can run over two hours with her antics. With Alexa who manifests the power of the force in order to stop Gwen's anger now learning from Gwen, an overwhelmed Doug and Tracy are at their wits' end. Doug's method of discipline is yelling, spanking, banishing her to her room, and throwing her aggressively on her bed. The house is, sadly, filled with anger and chaos, but Mike is here to give the Markos a call to action.


  • This is the first of the two Supernanny specials.
  • The opening credits have a variety of different scenes that are not reflected in the two specials (such as Mike running around in a Yosemite Sam costume on a playground while children and parents throw things at him, and he mugs at the camera). So weird. Does this mean there are lost SuperManny episodes?
  • Most of the episode is about Gwen and Doug. The other family members don't appear very often.
  • In one of the most contrived scenes in the history of Supernanny, Doug and Gwen go out on a special date to repair their relationship. She wears a fancy pink dress, little fur coat and gloves, and he wears a tuxedo, They drive off in a Cinderella carriage to eat a candlelit dinner in a large outdoor gazebo, attended by waiters bearing covered dishes that contain Gwen's favorite foods, such as chicken nuggets. They also dance together. It's quite strange and you can imagine a director behind the scenes advising Gwen and Doug the right way to do a cute father-daughter dance ("OK, Gwen should be putting her feet on Doug's feet, oh oops, that won't work because she is wearing cowboy boots, OK, you can go back to normal dancing now. We need to get a better shot of the two of you dancing. Doug, can you pick Gwen up and spin her around? Good, do that three more times").
  • After Mike left, it's revealed that Tracy and Doug split up.
  • They have a pet dog.

Family members

Person Age Relation to Family
Doug Marko 37 Father
Tracy Marko 36 Mother
Gwen Marko 7 Daughter
Alexa Marko 4 Daughter
Jacinda Marko 0.8 (8mo) Daughter


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