Mann Family
US Season 6, US Episode 11
Air Date February 5, 2010
Techniques Naughty Chair, Stay In Bed
Previous Griswold Family
Next Johnson Family

Episode summary

Jo visits San Diego, California where Mark & Melissa Mann need help with their 4 unruly children: 5-year-old Naomi & 3-year-old triplets Norah, Nathaniel, & Madeleine.

Naomi is called "the mistress of mayhem" by her parents, acts defiant towards them along with screaming & throwing tantrums.

Melissa and Mark's method of discipline includes using a wooden spoon which doesn't seem to be working. Mark admits that he is "downright desperate" and feels unable to take of the kids on his own and even a visit to the beach ends up in disaster. Can Jo help this family?


Mann Family of ABC's Supernanny photos from Getty Images

Family members

Mark Mann

Melissa Mann

Naomi Mann, 5

Norah Mann, 3

Nathaniel Mann, 3

Madeleine Mann, 3

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