Episode summary

Jo visits San Diego, California where Mark & Melissa Mann need help with their 4 unruly children: 5-year-old Naomi & 3-year-old triplets Norah, Nathaniel, & Madeleine.

Naomi is called "the mistress of mayhem" by her parents, acts defiant towards them along with screaming & throwing tantrums.

Melissa and Mark's method of discipline includes using a wooden spoon which doesn't seem to be working. Mark admits that he is "downright desperate" and feels unable to take of the kids on his own and even a visit to the beach ends up in disaster. Can Jo help this family?


Mann Family of ABC's Supernanny photos from Getty Images

Family members

Mark Mann

Melissa Mann

Naomi Mann, 5

Norah Mann, 3

Nathaniel Mann, 3

Madeleine Mann, 3