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Jo Frost visits John and Sara Manley in Southern California. John (46) and Sara (45) have been separated for over six months. They have two devious children: 7-year-old Max and 4 1/2-year-old Claire.

John has his own apartment but has tried not to disrupt his children's lives, so he has daily meals and spends every weekend in the family home, but overnights in his own apartment. Max and Claire are worried that their parents will get divorced.

Grocery store outings turn into a disaster with the kids running off in different directions and throwing temper tantrums to get a food they want and other people won't go down the aisle if the Manleys are there. However, the children handle their anger, worry and confusion with tantrums and squabbling. Max backtalks and is very aggressive. Claire screams and have meltdowns to get her way. Max tells Jo that he keeps contemplating why his dad moved out and doesn't know why. Sara does not want to divorce, but John does. Can Jo help John and Sara help Max and Claire to accept the divorce?


  • In Reinforcement, Jo takes them to Santa Monica Pier and is seen during the end credits.
  • In Observation Part 2 at the grocery store, Sara said "No cupcakes" twice to her children when they tried to buy them but she said "no, no, no, no". Then Sarah told Max "no brownies" at the supermarket. The kids were acting out due to boredom in the supermarket.
  • During Teaching, Claire was put in the Naughty Chair for 4 minutes because she couldn’t have the linned one.
  • In Observation Part 1, when Sara stops Max and says “Max, don't bite me”, she is wearing running sneakers.
  • In Teaching Part 2, Claire was put on the Naughty Chair for 5 minutes, instead of 4 minutes because she couldn’t have the linned one.. Since she was four and a half years old, the Naughty Chair time was rounded up.
  • This episode was filmed in May-June 2008.

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Full episode in parts 1, 2, and 3 on Dailymotion (dubbed in French)

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