Maile Jill Keilen (born June 28, 2001) is the daughter of Tami and Shaun, the younger sister of Haeley, the twin sister of Malia and the older sister of Leighton.

The dark-haired twin, Maile (pronounced "Miley") was very strong-willed. During Observation, she argued with her mom and threw a fit (screaming and crying) for 2 hours because she didn't want to wear the itchy sweater Tami had picked out for her. Tami however just wanted her to look perfect even her hair but Maile felt forced to wear the sweater. She also argued about eating food she actually wanted to eat. When she acted out, Shaun would try to regain control by threatening to take Maile's favorite outfit away from her and putting her in (his version) of time out, but this just caused more screaming. Her family thought she liked to be a devil child but really her parents allowed it.

During teaching, she started to make progress and got calmer after Jo introduced the correct Time Out Technique (Naughty Bench).

She was 4 years old at the time of her appearance on Supernanny and as of 2018, is 17 years old.


  • "I didn't pick it out myself!"
  • "I DIDN'T BITE IT!!!" (2x)
  • "You picked it out!"
  • "I want to play it!"
  • "No I play it!"
  • "It's itchy"


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