Madison Leigh Colier (born October 28, 1995) is the eldest child and only daughter of Dawn, the stepdaughter of Jason and the half-sister of Chase, Nathaniel and Blake.

Madison's relationship with Jason was strained; she called Jason by his first name, not as "Dad," even though he legally adopted her the previous year. Jason thought she was a pathological liar and "carried on like a moron." She told Jo that she knew Jason did not love her like he did the boys, and did not feel that he acted like a dad (so she would not call him Dad). Jo helped the two of them mend their relationship.

He did not trust her to be responsible and said she often lied about whether she completed chores or homework in order to get out and do what she wanted, like horseback riding or shopping. Jo introduced Trust Bucks so Madison would be aware of her responsibilities and earn privileges.

She was 13 when she appeared on Supernanny and will be 22 in 2017.

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Madison's Facebook page


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