Mackenzie Rachel Weber (born November 17, 1999[1]) appeared on episode 13 of Season 2 of the American Supernanny show. She is currently 18 years old.

Danielle posted to her blog that she was born with a craniofacial disorder called Pfeiffers' Syndrome and was born early at 34 weeks.


Person Age Relation to Person
Danielle Silva 28 Mother
Tom Silva 45 Stepfather
Meghan Silva 17 Stepsister
Cheryl Weber 8 Sister
Allyson Silva 7 Stepsister
Riley Silva 2 Sister (Maternal)
Kassiah Silva 1.5 Sister (Maternal)
Caden Silva 0.6 (6mo) Brother (Maternal)

Appearance on Supernanny

Sometimes she would swear at her siblings.


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