Lucy McKeever (born December 2, 1962) (née Szlamka) is the mum of Hunter and River and ex-wife to Corey.

She said as a stay at home mom, she worked 24 hours a day, nonstop. While her boys misbehaved, she gave them empty threats just like Marla Fernandez. She also seemed to lose her patience with her kids especially with homework.

She was 44 at the time and is now 56 in 2018.

Quotes Edit

"COREY, GET UP HERE NOW!" (When trying to put Hunter in bed)

Links Edit

Lucy's Facebook page - From reading this page, it seems she and Corey are no longer married. She also has full custody of both River and Hunter.

Lucy's LinkedIn page - She lists herself as an actress and singer, and talent consultant for The McKeever Boys (River and Hunter)

Lucy's blog - Not updated since 2013, we learn that Corey and Lucy were still married as late as 2013. River had some unexplained health scares that Lucy describes in graphic detail in her last blog entry.

McKeever Family Tree on - Shows full maiden name as Lucyna Carole Szlamka