Lorie Clause is the wife of Ken and the mother of Brandon and Caila.

Appearance on Suopernanny

A stay at home mom, Lorie tended to be a pushover and did everything for her children. During observation, Lorie gave a tour of their home in which everything she showed to Jo seemed to be used as an example of how Lorie did everything around the house: cooking, cleaning, etc. On the way to school and back, her kids always insisted that she carry the bags for them, which added excessive weight which Jo points out that Lorie herself was more likely to fall or just barely move.

When Jo visited the Clause family, she wasn't afraid to tell her to take her advice seriously. When Jo and Lorie took a walk, Jo placed rocks (which had words on them that represented her past) into her arms and Lorie threw them off a cliff in order to lighten her load.

After Jo left, Caila demanded Lorie to carry her backpack home from school, but she refused. She initially congratulted Caila for bringing home her backpack by herself like a mature person and asked her to give her a high-five, but instead received punches from her daughter and decided to ground Caila by removing all her privileges. She also tested Brandon on removal of his TV privileges, but after being manipulated by him, she decided to talk to her husband Ken about whether or not if they're on the same page with privilege removal. Then, when confronting Brandon for avoiding homework, she catches him redhanded for playing video games, but once again gets manipulated by him and receives a swat from the Wii Remote her son was using whilst playing a game, and then ended up giving up on discipline and revert to giving in to her kids being manipulative. At the Parent Evaluation after watching the three videos testing how she and Ken were control their kids without Jo around, Jo and Ken consoled her by insisting that she should never give up with the discipline.