Lorie Louise Clause (née Veiner) (born October 1, 1964) is the wife of Ken and the mother of Brandon and Caila.

A stay at home mom, Lorie tended to be a pushover and did everything for her children. During observation, Lorie gave a tour of their home in which everything she showed to Jo seemed to be used as an example of how Lorie did everything around the house 

When Jo visited the Clause family, she wasn't afraid to tell her to take her advice seriously. When Jo and Lorie took a walk, Jo placed rocks (which had words on them that represented her past) into her arms and Lorie threw them off a cliff in order to lighten her load.

After Jo left, Caila demanded Lorie to carry her backpack home from school, but she refused.


  • "DON'T PUSH ME!"
  • "Brandon, you're 11 years old, stop it!"
  • "Don't you flip me off! Put that finger right back where it belongs!"
  • "How many times have I told you not to lock the freaking door?!"
  • "You did it! High five! Ouch! Stop it."
  • "You lost serious privileges."


Lorie's Facebook page - She says she's a voice actor, and profile pic suggests her professional name is Lorie Veiner.

Lorie's LinkedIn page

Lorie's profile - This has info about her voice acting experience and a demo.