Logan Michael Costello (born Saturday, November 28th, 1992) is the oldest son of Dale and Amy, and the oldest brother to Carley, Chaslyn, Joelle, Corban, Addison, Nolan, Bryson, Cameron and Keaton.

He was only 15, but he was also expected to act like a third parent. However, the pressure was way too much for him and he's even had a panic attack from having to take care of his brothers and sisters.

From time to time, he would try to tell his mother that acting like a third parent was way too much for him, but she would always exclaim that it was his responsibility as the oldest of the family.

He was 15 when he appeared on Supernanny and will be 26 years old in 2018.

In 2015, he married Cassidy White (she was seen ice skating with him in the Costello family episode of Supernanny).

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