Elizabeth Anne Doyle (born June 10, 2002) is the youngest daughter of Brandy and Doug, younger sister to Sara and older sister to Andrew.

She was the worst one out of the 3 children and the biggest problem that her parents had to deal with. She was very aggressive and when she got very angry she threw tantrums and lashed out. She was seen on the naughty chair 3 times for disobeying mom when she asked her to take the fork out of her mouth, refusing to share with Andrew and hitting him and mom, and of course misbehaving with the nanny. That's more timeouts than her siblings. During teaching when her friend came over, she got sent to the Naughty Chair as she misbehaved. Then Sara joined her in the act as Lizzy lead all the mischief. Lizzy escaped from the chair constantly and knocked things in the playroom over and hitting while Sara was running around. Then she started swearing at her parents and encouraged Sara to swear and the friends ended up leaving. No sooner had they left ringleader Lizzy and her older sister sidekick Sara finally stayed on the chair. It may be the end of her older sister but it's not the end for Lizzy. When the nanny came in while Mom, Dad and Jo were gone, she was the only one who acted out. She was aggressive towards her siblings and didn't listen at all. According to her dad on submission reel, she was a handful, and was 100 miles an hour, 24 hours a day. She was also on the verge of being expelled from preschool.

She was 3 and 1/2 years old at the time and will be 16 in 2018.

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