This list displays a child in each episode who misbehave more than any other (run amok).

Top 5Edit


Episode Rank Amok Runner(s) Age Summary
Cooke Family 5 Meghann 9 Very explosive. Hits, bites, scratches, pushes, swears, and fights with her sisters. This is why this is the fifth worst family Jo has ever met.
Newton Family 4 Kobe 5 Extremely aggressive. Hits, kicks, throws, swears, bites, screams, and damages things. He also once lost a privilege for smacking his mom. This is why this is the fourth worst family Jo has ever met.
McKinney Family 3 Kaiden 3 Is very energetic. Kicks, screams, throws things, bites and hits his mother, spits and pulls his sister's hair. Jo was shocked at his tendency to bite at his mother below her belt. This is why this is the third worst family Jo has ever met.
Hancox-Smith Family 2 Cameron & Flynn 8 & 5 Fight with each other, use abusive language, and throw tantrums. This is why this is the second worst family Jo has ever met.
McKeever Family (Worst family in Supernanny history) 1 Hunter & River 7 & 6 Throw balls, constantly let swear words slip out their mouth, spit, hit, and scratch their dad, Corey McKeever, throw things when things don't go their way, tell Jo she's not the boss of them, throw forks when told what to do during dinner at the dinner table, started hitting Jo when she first entered the McKeever household, holding wrought iron, calling people "whiny babies", saying extremely gross, vulgar things such as "Imma stick a weenie in my weenie" and "Heck hell diarrhea, poop pee!" when in public, etc. Easily the worst family of all time Jo has ever encountered.


Episode Rank Amok Runner(s) Summary
Tafoya Family 5 Holly Puts soap into James' mouth for lying and commanding Tyler to "Smell his own buttcrack" and stormed out on Jo during parent evaluation. Fifth worst parent Jo has ever encountered.
McKeever Family 4 Corey Is very selfish and doesn’t care about his kids, felt insulted and outraged of himself. Fourth worst parent Jo has ever encountered.
Minyon Family 3 Frank Gives Skylar more attention than Frank Jr., because he thinks boys should be raised differently than girls, belittles Frank Jr. about incorrectly writing an “a”, uses language that is abusive such as “shut your mouth and start doing your homework” and “little whiny brat”. Third worst parent Jo has ever encountered.
Nitti Family 2 John Very aggressive and verbally abuses the boys, yells, threatens and intimidates for discipline, grabbed Devin and shouted at him so that he would stay in time out. Second worst parent Jo has ever encountered.
Hallenbeck Family (Worst parent in Supernanny history) 1 Kristin Had an ungrateful and selfish attitude, was lazy, rude and impatient, sent texts when Jo took her to a homeless shelter, let her parents take care of Jordon and Jaydon, and Jordon said that she didn’t care. Worst parent Jo has ever encountered.

Other Amok RunnersEdit


Episode Amok Runner(s) Age Summary
Woods Family Charlie 2 Throws tantrums, turns off the television while his siblings are watching it, makes his brother not able to do his homework, and refuses the get dressed
Steer Family Sophia 5 Throws tantrums and trashes her bedroom
Collins Family Joseph 4 Hits his sister, spits at his mother's face, gets out of the Naughty Zone constantly before the time is up, and flips off his mother, aggressive behavior
Pandit Family Tiny 3 Constantly escapes timeout unlike his older siblings
Seniors Family Bethany 5 Pushes one of her sisters off a trampoline, ran across an busy road near her house, escapes timeout, teases one of her sisters which causes her to cry, honks mum car horn and pulls her sister's hair
Bradbury-Lambert Family Matthew 5 Swears and hits his mother
Agate Family Mary-Anne 7 Screams and throws tantrums, holding the rest of her family hostage.
Howat Family Rhys 4 Hits, spits, kicks, says bad words especially f***er, throws tantrums for toddlers and gets out of bed
Bates Family Erin & Orla Both 3 Both of them act out in public, hit each other, create messes, bully their brothers (who are usually blamed for their actions), and misbehave in preschool.
Williams Family (UK) Tyler 6 Attacks his mother and sisters and curses especially b****.
Pollard-Morris Family Matthew 3 Throws violent tantrums for toddlers and refuses to give up his pacifiers and bottles
Smith-Clarke Family Cameron 4 Throws tyrannical tantrums, hits, spits, runs off in the street on the way to nursery, and occasionally curses after his mom, dad and at times, his younger brother.
Porter Family Maddison 9 Throws tantrums for toddlers and demands her mom to do a lot of things for her


Episode Amok Runner(s) Age Summary
Jeans Family Andra 4 Is stubborn, throws tantrums, and bullies her younger sisters
Bullard Family Brycie 6 Is rude and smartmouths his parents
Orm Family Declan 3 Runs in the street
Wischmeyer Family Alaia 4 Does not listen, smartmouth, bullies her brother and throws tantrums. She is more badly behaved than her twin sister, Ashlyn.
Weston Family Andrew 4 Is aggressive towards baby Sean and his friends
Bailey Family Jadyn 6 Is rude, smartmouths, gives her mother dirty looks and rolls her eyes at Stacie
Ririe Family Blake 3 Runs in the street, misbehaves at the shopping mall, and doesn't like to listen to his parents
Christiansen Family Chase 3 Rule the roost, locks his mother and Jo out of the house, throws tantrums, is very aggressive towards his parents and his brother, and can be destructive.
Minyon Family Skyler 4 Throws tantrums towards her mother and doesn't want to go to school
Webb Family Josef 6 Is loud and aggressive to his sister who has Down's Syndrome
McMillion Family Hunter 7 Talks back to his mother and fights with his brother
Amaral Family Ryan & Logan 9 & 4 Hit each other and their younger brother, misbehave at the restaurant
Keilen Family Maile 4 Throws tantrums, fights with her mother over clothes she wants to wear & the food that she wants to eat.
Tsironis Family Teddy & Nicholas Both 3 Don't listen, misbehave at dinnertime and throw tantrums if they do not get their way
Schwartz Family Amanda 4 Is stubborn, doesn't listen to her mother when she was told to put away the folders, pinches her sister, doesn't want to share a toy bus with her sisters and kicks her father below the belt
Young Family Shermie 5 Is aggressive, gets out of timeout and refuses to stay out of Dylan's room
Harmony Family Ian & Grant 5 & 3 Both make unbearable noises when upset, embarrasses the family when eating out
Wujcik Family Bryce 4 Is defiant, breaks toys and throws tantrums
Jackson Family Ethan & Isabella Both 5 Throw tantrums and attack their mother
Uva Family Trevor & Travis 7 & 4 Swear at their mom when she's busy supervising all the preschoolers on the playground, Trevor throws balls, Trevor doesn't know how to wipe after using the bathroom, but Travis does
Bowersock Family Hayden 6 Is aggressive and disrespectful towards his mother
Weinstein Family Christina 6 Back talks, calls others names and has aggressive behavior
Fager Family Benjamin & Zachary Both 4 Run off from the family and do not listen
Swanson Family Dawson 8 Fights with his brothers and tells Jo that his brothers deserve his aggressiveness
Mihalik Family Cole 8 Fights with his brother, swears, and leaves the house without permission
Haines Family Sean 4 Throws tantrums, attacks his brother and parents, and curses
Nitti Family Devin 6 Is aggressive, throws tantrums, headbutted his mother and is destructive
Bruno Family Isabella & Samantha 6 & 4 Throw tantrums, aggressive toward their mother, and whine
McAfee Family Silas 7 Is aggressive towards his family, misbehaved at school
Williams Family (US) Hagan 5 Very aggressive and loses his temper during timeout
Walker Family Anthony Jr. 12 Smarthmouths, curses and does not listen to his parents
Cantoni Family Gabrielle 3 Throws tantrums, bites, and doesn't want to go to bed
Drake Family Justin 3 Constantly acts up, screams, and throws tantrums
Chapman Family Quinn 3 Constantly throws temper tantrums towards his sisters
Schumacher Family Dylan 7 Is aggressive and makes obscene gestures
An-Duan Family Christopher 9 Smartmouths his parents and spits at his sister's face
Terrill Family Tate 5 Is aggressive, throws tantrums, and slams doors
Dostal Family Zachary 5 Scratches his mother and causes disaster at playdates
Daniels Family Alexus 8 Is off-putting, aggravates, spits at her sister and swears
Tafoya Family James & Tyler 7 & 5 Fight with each other, lie to their parents and play T and M-rated video games
Banjany Family Zoe 5 Is stubborn and defiant and gives her parents a hard time especially when it comes to timeout
Addis Family Jonathan & Eden 6 & 4 Throw tantrums and refuse to eat dinner
Citarella Family Sarah 6 Is aggressive, ringleader, very strong-willed, defiant and set her own ways
Clause Family Caila 8 Back talks, throws tantrums, hits her mother, and rudely forces her mother to carry her backpack
Martinez Family Ashley 7 Throws tantrums and refuses to listen to her mother
Doyle Family Lizzy 3 Is aggressive towards her family and doesn't listen to them
Baulisch Family Jennifer 7 Throws tyrannical tantrums, hits her sisters and has an explosive temper
Winter Family Tommy 2 Bites his parents and sisters, and acts out at bathtime
Manley Family Max 7 Is aggressive, throws tantrums and smart mouths, due to his parents' separations
Marko Family Gwen 7 Is angry, fights with her father and refuses to do her homework
Kerns Family Brandon 4 Is aggressive, fights with his brother, terrorizes his sister, swears and runs off to the neighbor's yard without permission
Costello Family Corban 9 Is aggressive, stubborn, smart mouths and writes an offensive message to his sister
Sachs Family Ryan 5 Throws tantrums because his mother wouldn't let him go to the toy store
Del Re Family Peter & Deanna Both 4 Throw tantrums and are aggressive towards their parents
Sacco Family Luke & Lily Both 3 and 3/4 (almost 4) Both throw temper tantrums, refuse to go to bed, and give up their "pacis".
Krolikowski Family Johnny 7 Is aggressive towards his older sister and refuses to share a TV remote
Naszkiewicz Family Zachary 4 Throws tantrums, is defiant, and is violently jealous of his sisters.
McGrath Family Liam 4 Throws tantrums and is aggressive against his brother who has diabetes.
Beck Family Bronson 3 Although all boys are behaving badly, Extremely aggressive, spit, hit, got expelled from preschool and scream
Hallenbeck Family Kristin 25 Expects her parents to raise both of her out of control boys (although not as bad as her), demonstrates ungratefulness towards her parents, undermines her parents' authority, blackmails her parents and exhibits disrespectful behavior at a homeless shelter
Griswold Family Joe 7 Is angry and destructive, breaks stuff in grocery store, writes swear words on freezer doors and splashes his brother in the fountain
Swift Family Max 4 He let go of the Shopping cart after his mom told him not to, throws tantrum over a gumball and had a temper tantrum during timeout.
Evans Family Sean 4 Punches the wall during time out and screams really loud