Lisa Ann Daniels (born October 19, 1973) (née Tucker) is the mum of Joshua, Halley, Alexus, Alisen, Irelyn and Brynleigh, and wife to Steve.

She had a terrible relationship with Halley as she constantly blamed her for things she didn't do. She called Halley the problem child and refused to continue conversations with Jo about Halley because Jo didn't agree with her.

She also refused to spend time with her children, citing that she was too busy picking things up and preparing meals (which, as Jo pointed out, all mothers do, so it's not an excuse for neglecting your children). In a quiz of her children's dreams and likes, Lisa actually failed most of the questions that were given her.

She also refused to keep Brynleigh in timeout during a fit during introduction of the house rules, stating (incredibly) that Jo should do it because Jo was the one who made Brynleigh behave that way. In reality it's her job to put Brynleigh back in timeout not Jo's because she's the mom and even if Brynleigh never threw a fit before she should still discipline her because she just threw a fit.

She might also be notable for having the worst eye contact of any parent in Supernanny history. She refused to look Jo in the eye during almost all conversations, and would look past or away from Jo as she tried telling her the truths about her bad parenting. She ran away crying during Jo's various attempts to knock some sense into her.

She was 34 years old at the time and is now 45 in 2018.