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Jo visits Antoinette Lewis (40), who has two children: 2-year-old toddler Selah and 5-month-old baby Christian. Antoinette's husband, Dwight became ill with Stage II gastric cancer & his deathbed wish was for Antoinette to carry on and become a happy mother to their children.

The day before Dwight passed away at 45, Antoinette called Jo to help her how to parent alone. Dwight lost his battle with cancer on August 14, 2008.

In this emotional episode of Supernanny, can Jo help Antoinette learn how to take care of her two young children alone?

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Submission reel , observation (parts 1 and 2), parent meeting, DVD meeting on Supernanny US YouTube channel

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Supernanny Family - Antoinette Lewis, an amazing story -, 11/20/2008. Josh worked on the filming of this episode and his coworker Lisa talks about the experience.

This page has a screencap and description of the website Lisa refers readers to (it's not currently active).

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second episode with a widowed mother. The first one was the Mihalik Family.
  • This episode is unique because Antoinette called for advice and help for how to raise her children alone, rather than call for help because she can't control the children's misbehavior.

Family members Edit

Dwight Lewis (deceased)

Antoinette Lewis, 40

Selah Lewis, 2

Christian Lewis, 5 months