Leah Jeans (born October 29, 2002) is the youngest daughter of Barbara and David. She has a twin sister named Jessie & Isabella and an older sister named Andra.

Unlike her sisters, she was not aggressive. Her major issue was crying a lot and throwing fits. This might have been due to all the torment her sisters caused her.

She was frequently chased, then tackled to the floor by both Andra, Isabella and Jessie.

In the grocery store, Jessie had her in a headlock. In addition Leah also acted out in the grocery store by throwing tantrums.

Andra once forced her into an outdoor Rubbermaid bin, threw a bunch of balls at her inside the bin and rolled her around the yard in the bin.

She was even louder than Andra when Andra tried taking Leah's sippy cup. Of all the girls, she appeared to have the worst table manners and found a lot of fun and humor in letting all her food hang out of her mouth.

She was 3 years old when she appeared on Supernanny and She is now 15 years old in 2016

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